Merry Christmas everyone!

Geez, so many things have passed since I last blogged, but whatever, right? Thing is, Christmas happened, and though mine was quiet, it was awesome.

For starters, I had my hair done. The plan was to sport a purple ombre look (from black to a lighter purple/violet) but when I looked at what I was to work with, I realized I couldn't bleach my hair just so the purple would be seen. So, since my hair was already a lighter shade at the tips due to my previous hair color, it was suggested that I use the normal purple mix on top of it. I was incredibly annoyed with how my hair looked at the time that I was willing to undergo any change. I said yes. So far (I had it colored & trimmed on the 24th), I'm really liking it. It's looking more like a mix of light browns, pinks, and purples under the sun so that's just awesome. Moving on!

Also, I have had no progress in my Senior Project 2 (a demo reel) since the start of Christmas vacation. Should I be worried that I'm not worried at all? Almost all my classmates are freaking out already, but I'm not feeling the pressure too much at all. I can't say I don't, but do you get the feeling of knowing there's something to be done but you think 'It's so easy' that you just don't do it? That's my problem. I guess I'll face the demon when I'm ready.

More recently, I went shopping today. I was out of the house all day with a cousin and my brother just going to different shops and buying stuff that I realized I shouldn't have bought when I came home. One of those is a mixing palette 'cause I already had one. Another is a mini statue/model of the Eiffel Tower (but I'm thinking I actually need it to get motivated).

There's actually a bigger, more expensive model, but I reckoned I didn't have space on my table - which was accurate. I saw this at the store last November when my friends from school and I were shopping for props materials and promised I would buy it after. Here's the promise, you guys.

Even if I didn't promise it though, I still would've bought it. If you read my previous posts, you'd see how smitten I am with Paris. I always say it's my soul country. Then again, I haven't been to the place so this claim is built on sand.

We were joined by my mom in the afternoon and we proceeded to the department store, specifically the make-up section. (You should've seen my brother's face the whole time. He pulled off a 'poker' and a 'pissed' at the same time. Hahaha. I told him to go the guy's section but I guess he couldn't amuse himself even if he tried.)

The moment I laid eyes on these two, I knew I was going to get it.

The first one is a lipstick by 'Sakiraya', which sounds like a Japanese/Korean brand to me. Admittedly, I got sucked in by the cute jewel embellishment on top and the pink casing (that's just how I am, I guess). I got it in the shade 'Cranberry Red' and sure enough, it was an extremely bold, bright red. Mom tried it, but it didn't look as bright (just right) and I have yet to try it on.

Second up is a black pencil eye liner by the same brand. Now, I'm not a fan of pencil liners - I've sworn to use only liquid liners in all shades appropriate - but today, I wanted to try it. The packaging was really cute too so that wasn't such a problem for me. Once I use it, I might post a photo-slash-review post on here. Same goes for the lipstick.

When I find a store with a lot of [useless] adorable, weird things, I grab whatever I can and splurge. I had to hold myself back 'cause I purchased something incredibly expensive too, so it was pretty downing. Anyway, I found this cute little blue fan that [can never replace the glorious pink one I owned but broke] for the random hot weather bursts we're having for only Php 38 (just a little under a dollar). Cheap find, right? I was going to get the black one but it wasn't as sturdy.

I also bought writing instruments 'cause 'why not?'. These cute, thick markers in grey and pink were on display and I figured I could use them somewhere so that's that. I also found a sign pen that looked like a pencil but turned out to be just the casing for a pen inside. It was just weird, you know? I also bought black drawing ink (just a small bottle) and a size C-4 speedball (inside the pencil case which I also bought fro the store). I'm telling you, I could go crazy just using the speedball for my calligraphy. I tried to use it to ink an illustration I did for my mom, and so far, it's working pretty well. 

I also bought a wooden easel (the most expensive one on my shopping list) and it was all thanks to a special someone whom I can't thank enough. That person gave me the money to buy an easel and other art materials, but requested that I don't tell anyone. Such a sweet, humble person. :) I could easily be the happiest girl right now.

As if these blessings weren't enough, my dad just promised to buy me something (online) that isn't available in the Philippines - and I'm getting it in January! It's still art-related, so it's not like it'll be a useless purchase or anything. I'll post about it when I do get it.

It's been such a [tiring] fun day today. Tomorrow is going to be a general cleaning sort of morning and a work-themed afternoon (hopefully, the plan stays that way). It's already 2 AM and I've been in this late-sleep cycle for days now. Boo. I'm becoming a child of the night (but I already am).

Good mor-night!