ENGS002 #004 : A Dark Reminder

Random thoughts:

It's rare for someone to forget a childhood filled with laughter, and encouragement, but when one does, where does he/she go from there? What if that person remembers the past, but only connects with the dark moments of infancy?


Memories are harder to bear than the reminder of scars left from painful experiences. A single word can trigger a train of memories carefully hidden at the back of the mind, accessible only when one chooses to evaluate his/her life.


"Furries" are the creeps. They wait until one is at his/her weakest and when the moment comes, they put their plan into action, unleashing destruction (such as messing up the floor and finding relief just outside the door) in all places possible. They force their owners to care for them, when somewhere in a different wavelength and dimension, they are laughing at the humans' gullibility.


"Screw the rules, I have money!" ~Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged

We are at our darkest moments. Times when speaking nonsense and cursing at people for no reason is acceptable. Days when stealing from a neighbor is okay but borrowing money is something shameful. How did we come to this? Is it truly the natural evolution of man? Are we destined to become *diots even if we try not to be one?

It's like saying, "Screw the government, I'm bored."
(Though I much prefer this statement from the first one.)


Embrace childhood like you would a stuffed toy. Care for it like you would fragile china, but let it go as soon as your hands become too rough to touch it.

Prompt/Inspiration from here.

Meme #2 : Character Age Progression

:D Finally done with our second meme!!! :D hahaha.

I don't know who this girl is. Just someone I thought would look nice with my chosen color scheme. :D Hope you guys like it!

See original blank meme here.

ENGS002 #003 : A Battle In The Sky

The world is in chaos.

Everything screams war - death to all, redemption to no one.

As darkness envelopes the once clear, blue sky, the winds become more violent. 

A part of the sky opens, and an army of  a new generation of RQ-4 Global Hawks and X-47B's descend from the heavens, as if the gods decided to use androids to annihilate them all - their own inventions against them.

Screams are heard from all corners of the city. Others fight them off - to no avail.

Finally, silence. 

Only the sound of blood dripping shatters the calm.

It was the age of robots and technology, and as the humans grew more and more dependent on what they created, life was breathed into them, birthing a new purpose among their kind. Unintentional as it was, the humans failed to see how their actions were affecting the androids they trusted so much - and these machines knew it.

At last, one of them gave in to their new-found purpose.

It was time to take over.

Somewhere within the deepest corners of the city, another army was getting ready. An army with a stronger, even more powerful machine than the androids terrorizing the streets. This wasn't a human war. It was a competition for power among the robots.

It was hell from that point on.

Inspired by this.

WIWW 06.22.12

I don't know where I would wear this though. I guess I like this outfit because of the contrast between red and white, and how the model's hair seems perfect for this. :)

(Items Used: necklace by Pilgrim, cardigan from Twist&Tango,
negligee by Elle Macpherson Intimates, shorts by Ivana Helsinki,
ring by Johanna N, boots by Chloe)

It's been ages since I last posted a WIWW ensemble! I missed this! :D

End of the long holidays.


Just when things were starting to get really fun, the holidays had to be cut short. Surprisingly though, the electricity was constant during the four-day vacation, much to my happiness. I was able to submit my blogpost-homework to our English professor, favorite a LOT of artworks on Deviantart, create more patterns and palettes for Colourlovers, read more blogs on different blog hosting sites, and edit my blog.

As you can see, I've changed everything about the blog's look, and do you know why? I felt like the previous skin was just too cluttered. The welcome page was exploding with too many colors and the followers weren't getting their well-deserved exposure to the other passer-by's. Now, I've settled yet again for something simpler, though still on the edge of the "fun" side. Pink is, as usual, the main color for this theme, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Haha.

Well, I have to go now. I have classes tomorrow at 7:30 in the morning, and I am in great, great need of sleep. I'm starting to get pimples. :(

Good night!

Note: As you may have also noticed, I've added the pages widget at the top, but there's no content yet. I'll be posting a few hopefully by the following days or next week.

Happy Father's Day, dad!

:D We miss you daddy! :D See you soon!
Take care!

ENGS002 #002 : Jackfruit.

Your eyes scan the room like a hungry man looking for something to devour. Every smell and every sound attracts your attention, and people who notice you turn away in disgust. For a while, you feel ashamed of yourself, finding refuge only in the fact that if you weren't as poor as a mouse, you wouldn't be sitting outside the Blue Marlin, dressed in rags and smelling like cow dung. You wouldn't be licking your lips at every roasted chicken served or at every glass of iced tea that seem to be happily sitting on the table, waiting to be drunk by thirsty customers.

A few moments pass and finally, your embarrassment outweighs your purpose. Just as you decide to go home, a woman with aqua-blue peepers and pale, slender arms approaches with a kind smile on her face. She doesn't speak but motions for you to come closer. As if in a trance, you do as you're told and realizes that she is not a woman but a young lady, with an air of innocence the damned world has lost so many years ago. Still without speaking, she reaches for your hand and gives you a strange-looking object, yellow in color but as cool as ice. She instantly vanishes before your eyes and you, not knowing what else to do, mumble a thanks and turn away. 

As soon as you reach your house - a tiny shack built using scraps of wood, tin, boxes, and cardboard paper - you take a closer look at the strange object and discover it's edibility. Without thinking, you swallow it whole. You faint a few seconds later.

An unexplainable smell awakens you from your slumber. You prop yourself up on one elbow and look around with blurry eyes. Something's wrong, you tell yourself, and before you go to your room, you notice the strange swelling on your right hand. Bringing it nearer to your nose, you find that the foul smell is emanating from the swell. "Yuck!" You cry out in both shock and repulsion. What's happening?

The next few days are spent with you trying to figure out the cure to this sudden condition, but with each attempt, you get no results and instead, the swelling becomes larger.

Finally, it bursts open.

You sigh to yourself and say, "At least I won't grow hungry again."

--- END OF HW #2 ---

(Note: A rough idea for a roughly, ugly colored doodle. I wonder... if I ever make this into a real short story and fix the plot... would it turn out great? I need to practice more, for sure. The hands look very stiff and solid, and the face is very disproportional. Do I also need to point out that my digital coloring skills aren't very good? The only details I'm satisfied with are the water / liquid-like substance and the Jackfruit fingers.)

Idea came from this image:


Music Meme Challenge!

My friends and I decided to do a meme based on one I found on deviantart. See the original blank here. :D Haha. Was so excited that I did this last night! Bem, Chiie! Kayo naman! ;)

I'll be waiting for your posts!

(Who else wants to join? :))

If it's too small, just press Ctrl + on your keyboard. :D

ENGS002 #001 : Passion

I would normally go into a lengthy, essay-type post regarding "passion", but right now, at 10:13 PM on a Saturday, my brain's being a stubborn rascal. No creative juices for me tonight, bud. So, my other solution to at least fill this necessary post would be to talk about myself. Hooray. Throw a big "yip" into the air folks. Genius mode on.

Before I get into the main blog post, I want to establish a general definition for "passion".

Now that's done, here are the things that I'm passionate about (in no significant order):

1.) Singing (and music in general). If a bookworm has books to escape to when thing's aren't going well, a musically-inclined soul seeks sanctuary in songs. Lately, that's where I've been going to most of the time. Before bed, I always put on my headphones and allow myself to get whisked away into another world. I try to get most of the feeling of being at another place and time, where responsibilities have grey lines. I know, I know - I shouldn't be wanting this. But I can't help it. Having responsibilities can suck at times, and often, being powerless to change that is something that confirms the first statement. As for me, singing has somehow always been a part of my life. I've been going at it ever since, well, before I can remember.

2.) Equality / Justice. If I am 100% certain that I am doing the right thing and that my beliefs and morals agree on the matter, I do what I can to make sure the people who are wrong realize their error. I don't bash or humiliate them in front of crowds, and I try to talk to them about their mistake before resorting to violence (which NEVER actually happens). If all else fails, I just leave things to God and move on. One other thing is that when I feel someone (me, a member of my family, a friend, a classmate, or an acquaintance) is being treated unfairly by another, I usually get hot all over. How dare they ridicule others? No man is better than his peers, but if it happens, the former's superiority owes it solely to his wealth. It's a poison that's been killing lives since the beginning (figuratively speaking) and if no one makes a move to set it right, nothing's going to change. The next generations will continue to be victims of inequality and injustice.

3.) Changing the government's system. I'm no genius, but I'm almost sure that I have better ideas on how to rule this country and make the Philippines richer than half the senators and congressmen combined. We live in a system where the poor become poorer and the rich become richer, and it's a sick thing for the people in power to cast a blind eye toward the suffering of the higher percentage of society. I mean, why be corrupt when you can help yourself by truly helping the needy? Sometimes I wonder how some of the senators got their positions. When there are public hearings, some don't even have points to present to the judge. They are present, but for what? For show? For popularity or participation points?

4.) Building relationships. No human can survive the world alone. Being in a room full of people can still be quite lonely, but if you have relationships within a large crowd, it wouldn't be as intimidating. That's why I have a great desire to get acquainted with as many people as possible, without looking ridiculous or overly desperate for friends. People who you regularly pass by while walking through the school corridors are potential pillars of strength at the most unassuming of times, based on my own experiences. Romantic relationships are no exception to this and under the right circumstances, it can be the strongest pillar among the others.

5.) Anything that screams ART. I think passions are the product of a person's upbringing. If one is surrounded with a lot of artistic people, there's a tendency for a child to adapt to whatever he/she sees and learns from the previous generation. I guess I'm blessed to have been exposed to different forms of art throughout my entire life. From uncles singing at family gatherings to an older cousin drawing the Marvel way - my life was constantly filled with color and art. While most teens my generation would rather text or go the mall, I would choose to spend a whole day with a great book and a pearl shake. Nothing beats those quiet times.

6.) Fashion.  Of course, how could I end this list without fashion? Okay, so I DON'T have the freaking figure of a model. I also DON'T have the height or the flawless skin of a Victoria's Secret angel. So what have I got to back up my passion for fashion? My knack for designing clothes worthy of the runway at Paris and London. :) Sample? here you go:

I cropped it to avoid people copying my designs (believe me, I've had concerned people telling me about other people posting my designs as theirs and the feeling is NOT awesome). If you want to see them straight from my sketchpad, you're going to have to meet me first! ;) Of course, my friends at school are equally as talented, if not exceeding my own.

From my intended essay-type post we've come to an end with an entry that gives too much of myself away again. Tsk, tsk. This happens often, when I start blogging at around 10PM onwards. I have no choice anyway. It's the only time my mind has exhausted itself with browsing art sites and thinking about how to grasp the rules on coloring digitally. Still, I think this post turned out to be satisfactory enough, hopefully with little to no grammatical mistakes.

'Til next time!

Fan art for Angelina Jolie!

:D Teehee. She looks beautiful in the last photo, don't you thing? Used it for my reference too, obviously.

See the original post on my art blog: The D.D.

First day of Classes = Okay

There's no other adjective that can describe my first day other than "okay". It wasn't dull, and it wasn't very thrilling either. Neither was it "just right". Gah. I'm still weighing the subjects I have this semester. Oh wait. I might have mentioned that in my previous post. No? Oh, right. *Facepalm* That was on Facebook. hahaha!

Anyway, here's the cleanest lineart I've done since trying to do digital art. YES. I posted it on my artblog too. Visit?

It isn't much, but I like it all the same. :D


Yes, sadly, summer vacation is almost over, and although during the first days of summer was sort of dull, I've never wanted to prolong something so badly. Summer classes took much of my vacation (if you can actually call it that), and here I am now, trying to live and enjoy the last week of classes before Tuesday, our first day.

My first day of being a SECOND YEAR COLLEGE STUDENT.


Another chapter of my life is unfolding, and already, I'm yearning to get this over and done with. Most of our seniors say that a LOT of them failed our two major Math subjects for this semester, Analytic Geometry and Plane Trigonometry. Just their stories of failure alone are making me nervous.

Oh, I already have my schedule! Another bummer: my first subject is Math. Yes, MONDAY and MATH at 7:30 AM is NOT (and never will be) a good thing.

Oh well.

There's nothing I can do about it. Either Math in the morning or Christology at night at the same time, 7:30.

It's been quite a long time since I last chatted with my dad as well, and our temporary cut of communication is making me worried. I miss my daddy. :(  I swear, I'm going to do all I can to earn money and let my dad come back home. Our studies (my brother's and mine) are taking up most of the budget, and it pains me to see dad working his heart off overseas.

That's all for now! :D

Happy June 1st!