The world is in chaos.

Everything screams war - death to all, redemption to no one.

As darkness envelopes the once clear, blue sky, the winds become more violent. 

A part of the sky opens, and an army of  a new generation of RQ-4 Global Hawks and X-47B's descend from the heavens, as if the gods decided to use androids to annihilate them all - their own inventions against them.

Screams are heard from all corners of the city. Others fight them off - to no avail.

Finally, silence. 

Only the sound of blood dripping shatters the calm.

It was the age of robots and technology, and as the humans grew more and more dependent on what they created, life was breathed into them, birthing a new purpose among their kind. Unintentional as it was, the humans failed to see how their actions were affecting the androids they trusted so much - and these machines knew it.

At last, one of them gave in to their new-found purpose.

It was time to take over.

Somewhere within the deepest corners of the city, another army was getting ready. An army with a stronger, even more powerful machine than the androids terrorizing the streets. This wasn't a human war. It was a competition for power among the robots.

It was hell from that point on.

Inspired by this.