My DIY Keyboard Decor


Wow, I am so happy to be back after weeks of absence due to high fever and *sigh* a lot of other things. Today is the day I'm finally getting back on track. Once my right foot gets better (err, don't ask why), I'm officially back to being active here and everywhere!

So today, I got around to cleaning my work/study area - from the desk, the drawers, the shelves, down to the boxes. It was a productive day, and after much thought, I figured I'd clean my laptop and jazz up my keyboard as well.

After a few minutes on Photoshop and a staggering 45 minutes cutting them all out, here's how my keyboard looks:

Woohoo! Finally, no more plainness! Haha. I wanted to do all of them, but I'm not sure if I'll like how it turns out. Since I'm satisfied with partially covered keys, these are all I'll be doing. In case you're wondering, I used sticker paper for the decoration.

Speaking of productivity...

A few days are left for the semestral break (we start school on November 4!) and I'm panicking. I don't think I'm ready to go back to school just yet. I didn't even get to enjoy the short break since I got sick! Can't they postpone classes for another week? *Sigh*.

It's not like I'm not fond of my subjects this semester. Mentally, I'm not ready yet to go back to pressure and stress and deadlines. T___T Not yet ready. Oh well. This is life.

Good to be back!
Have a great evening!
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Google BYTE 2013 Expo

How EXHAUSTING. Yes, exhausting. I even have a fever right now! I wasn't expecting an expo to be so tiring (since all we had to do was sit for hours and listen to the speaker) but wow! The effects it had on me were crazy!

So to tell you what the Google BYTE Expo is, it's where people from Google Philippines opened its doors to students and professionals around the region to show the different features of Google apps for Education. There were things I already knew from clicking here and there on the Google search page, but there were also other features I didn't know existed.

One such feature is Google search's ability to search for recipes depending on whatever filter you choose. For example, you can choose a meal that can be prepared within 5 minutes, or choose a meal which has the ingredients you searched for. I used to search the web for sites to give me these filters, but with Google search engine, you can do it within minutes, without having to go to websites.

A summary of the event, in photos:

According to the program, the event was supposed to start at around 8:30am, but when we arrived at the venue at 8:15, this line was only beginning. Of course, I expected it to be late (as usual) since we Filipino's seem to lack punctuality, but wow. even as we fell in line, buses among buses of delegates kept arriving, which made me wonder how long we were supposed to stay under the sun. I think it was around 9am or so when we finally got in.

Our event hosts, Renzo Blanco and Raffy Magno.

Just when we were nearing the end of the program, the power suddenly went out. Geez. I can't say it was the worst time for it to happen, but it could have chosen an earlier moment in the day. I felt really bad for the speaker though.
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Sem-break? Nah.

Hi! I'm feeling really good this morning, and that's mostly because it's already our school break - and because I FRIGGIN' PASSED OUR ANIMATION 2 CLASS! (Ehemm.) I've been feeling hyper ever since I found out all my hard work paid off, and I can't tell you how AWESOME it feels to be able to breathe and be assured that I'm still on the charts.

Here's the video I submitted for our finals. It's not perfect, and the dialogue wasn't really thought out very well, but darnit, I passed! ^__^

I hope I could say that for my other classmates as well. You see, not all of us made the mark. A lot actually failed, and I feel a little rotten about not having to share the victory with all my friends. They tried their best, and props to them for that. I have no idea how our professor graded our Finals, but wow, his standards must be really high. Not all those who failed weren't skilled enough - some were just not able to pass on time. THAT's the hard part.

Well, now that I've said what I needed to say about that matter, let's move on to something more recent. :)

Yesterday, I realized that my desktop was officially dying. Yes, everything I didn't want to happen to it happened, just when I needed to use it the most.

So I turned it on upon waking up at around 8am, and got "Boot System Error" and "Disk Read Error" warnings, which was surprising since it was running perfectly the night before. This had happened already, so I didn't immediately panic. I know a little something about fixing these things, and I went on to the repair area for the command prompt. Well, after a hundred tries and a grumbling stomach, I decided to give it a break and have breakfast.

The other time this happened, an hour break usually was enough to get it started again, but this time however, it was literally dead. It wouldn't go past the boot error screen, and no matter how many times I went to the BIOS and tweaked a few things, it was still not responding properly.

So I texted certain people and posted a status on Facebook asking for help and got a reply from an uncle of mine. A few replies later, I had my hands on a new Windows 7 installer and ready to fix the PC (with knowledge that it might have to be reformatted :( ). Sadly (and thankfully, I guess?) I encountered another problem during installation - "no disk drives were found". Wow. I then decided to take it to the place where I bought it around 6 months ago. My mom and I waited a while and were told that the CPU had to be "confined" to diagnose the problem. *Sigh. So, right now, I am using my beloved Vaio. I missed this though. :)

Another thing that have my hands occupied this sem-break is the Midyear Conference of all the Ateneo Universities on the country, which will be on the 22nd to the 24th of October. With only a few days of preparation, the whole team are rushing to get everything done. I was assigned to create a teaser poster and a Toblerone (or nameplate of the important attendees) for the event, and had only a few hours to do it. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it up here, but you're not going to steal it anyway, right?

Hahaha, but it's not like it's that awesome to be stolen. Anyway, I'm not really sure about the Toblerone design, so until I'm okay with it, I won't be posting it up.

Today is going to be a pretty busy one for me, since a classmate asked for my help in creating a 3D model/character for their one-week project (to make up for their failure in Animation 2). I'm pretty excited since I get to work on my modelling skills while helping a friend at the same time. :) Oh, and one of the team members for the conference suggested I include the Supreme Student Government (SSG) logo and change the mascot to a knight, since that's our University's official icon.

Will update again soon!
Have an awesome day!
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Well, hello there!

Hi! What've you been up to? Me? Aw, nothing much - just another random drawing I did a few minutes ago.

Another nameless, rushed artwork, before bed (in a few minutes). Everything's bee so random with me today, not that I have a problem with that.

Oh, and we rearranged the house again today. Yep, mom really likes changing the house's arrangement whenever she can, especially when we almost had a break-in a few nights ago! Whew! Good thing the owner had grills installed! I might show you how my new work area looks like now. Haha, it's practically in the middle of the room!

I won't be posting about a lot tonight, since I (annoyingly) have the colds. Great, right? I hope this goes away faster than my aching teeth! (Darn these braces! I'd yank them off if I weren't conscious enough about my teeth.)

'Til tomorrow!
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Oh. My. Gosh.

I never thought I would get over the last week of the first semester (a.k.a. Hell Week) without having to strain my eyes and have zero sleep. But lo! Who would've guessed I actually made it?!

If this is your first time reading my blog, I'm referring to the projects I had to accomplish for Animation class, which were all due today before 5 pm.
  • Dance Animation (Free-form)
  • Lip-sync animation
  • Monologue Animation (FINALS)
Four days before the deadline (today), I wasn't even feeling the least bit of pressure, and I found that extremely weird, since I'm not the type to slack off and work  at the deadline. I figured I could carry on with watching Pewdiepie on Youtube and playing Left for Dead and Counterstrike and still make it through. Hahaha. I only felt the need to get to work around 2 days before. Yes, I slacked off so much.

To cut things short, I was able to submit before 5 pm today, and a little frazzled as I was, I managed to keep my cool. I mean, I couldn't afford to panic during a deadline such as this one right? Goodness no! So, while I waited for my files to render, I helped my other classmates who were having problems (at least, tried to) and - wait for it - sang karaoke. Yep. While everyone was panicking, I was singing my heart out to Ariana Grande's and Demi Lovato's songs. I could afford to, and I wanted an escape from the computer. I also inserted a few doodles, haha.

I remember having a little under 6 hours of sleep due to my PC suddenly crashing and having a "Boot Manager Missing" issue. That was the WORST thing I had to go through. Imagine having to repeat everything all over again! The worse part was that I didn't have a back-up of my files and with my PC dead... *shudder*. Well, the worst part is over!

I have emerged victorious! Yesss!

Our professor showed me my grades and, wooo, I passed! I am so insanely happy right now. All the sleepless nights during the semester, the sacrifices I made just to finish the projects - they all were worth it. Hi five!

Here's a little sample of one of the animations I did:

This was the Lip-Sync project I passed, featuring our professor's character "Baby Girl" and the copyrighted audio file, "Pink, or blue?". All I did was sync the animation (mouth) to the audio, and voila! A finished Lip-Sync animation for your pleasure!

If you'd like to see more animations, check out the "Animations" tab on the menu above. :)

Aight, that's all for now!

Have a great evening!
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Another Exhibit Piece!

Hello there!

So it's Monday, the first day of the last week for the semester. (Dum-dum-dum-duuum!) Can you believe it?! It seemed like only yesterday when I became a junior in college, and now it's over? WOW. Time flies so darn fast, huh?

I can already cross out 2 "to-do" things from my previous list, so I'm left with these:

  • Lip sync animation (Pink, or Blue?)
  • Dialogue/Monologue (Finals)

Whew! I'm thinking about posting my dance animation (with the reference of me dancing, eek!) for you to see, but I still have to gather enough courage, haha. I could lose face because of it! *Sigh. The thing is, I don't want the semester to end yet. I don't like rushing things, and the dialogue is one of them. I feel like the material I'd be passing within the given period would be mediocre. *Another Sigh. I'd have to live with it, I guess.

SO before I get all depressed, let me share with you another piece for the ADAAF exhibit, which I (again) made overnight. I call it "COSMOS".

It was originally darker, but since Cosmos could mean "life" or the "beginning of life", I figured it should at least be a little brighter with warmer tones. (All stock used are from Deviantart users.)

What do you think? I've already submitted it and I really hope it gets in! I submitted three, by the way. Any comments for my future manipulations?

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7.5 days.

That's the amount of time left for us to accomplish four of the heaviest, most complicated challenges ever thrusted upon students. At least, in our field, I think.

Here are the major things I have to finish before October 12:

  • Dance Animation
  • Lip Sync
  • ADAAF digital painting entry
  • Dialogue (Animation Finals)

UPDATE: I'm done with the dance!!!

I got approved yesterday during class, so it was a real relief for me. I tried getting the lip sync approved on the same day as well, but it turns out I need to fix other things before it's "passable". Time is starting to get on my side. :)

Also, next week is the Final Exams week, which means more sleepless nights, crammed, over-heated brains, and - wait for it - stress. Yes, I am now preparing myself for the overnight work next week, but hopefully, I exert enough effort to finish the major ones this weekend. I don't like cramming and being too stressed out!

Seeing that in a few days, freedom of handling my time won't be mine any longer, and I won't be able to actually relax very much, I created something for the ADAAF exhibit (listed). It took me longer than usual, but it also turned out better than I expected it to. I slept at 4:20AM! Well worth the effort. It still needs revisions/editing, so I won't cross that out yet on my list.

Here's the almost finished painting I did last night/early this morning:

I posted this on DA as well, and got a tip from a fellow Deviant who is just awesome. Her art style is crazy, and she has a knack for great color combinations. Check her out here.

I'm learning so, so much with the activities I've chosen to participate in, and maybe this is just my way of finding my real "voice" in the art world. Look out, Sakimichan! I'm almost there! (Seriously though, Sakimichan is the BOMB. He is just the MASTER of digital art.)

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