Hi! What've you been up to? Me? Aw, nothing much - just another random drawing I did a few minutes ago.

Another nameless, rushed artwork, before bed (in a few minutes). Everything's bee so random with me today, not that I have a problem with that.

Oh, and we rearranged the house again today. Yep, mom really likes changing the house's arrangement whenever she can, especially when we almost had a break-in a few nights ago! Whew! Good thing the owner had grills installed! I might show you how my new work area looks like now. Haha, it's practically in the middle of the room!

I won't be posting about a lot tonight, since I (annoyingly) have the colds. Great, right? I hope this goes away faster than my aching teeth! (Darn these braces! I'd yank them off if I weren't conscious enough about my teeth.)

'Til tomorrow!
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