Oh. My. Gosh.

I never thought I would get over the last week of the first semester (a.k.a. Hell Week) without having to strain my eyes and have zero sleep. But lo! Who would've guessed I actually made it?!

If this is your first time reading my blog, I'm referring to the projects I had to accomplish for Animation class, which were all due today before 5 pm.
  • Dance Animation (Free-form)
  • Lip-sync animation
  • Monologue Animation (FINALS)
Four days before the deadline (today), I wasn't even feeling the least bit of pressure, and I found that extremely weird, since I'm not the type to slack off and work  at the deadline. I figured I could carry on with watching Pewdiepie on Youtube and playing Left for Dead and Counterstrike and still make it through. Hahaha. I only felt the need to get to work around 2 days before. Yes, I slacked off so much.

To cut things short, I was able to submit before 5 pm today, and a little frazzled as I was, I managed to keep my cool. I mean, I couldn't afford to panic during a deadline such as this one right? Goodness no! So, while I waited for my files to render, I helped my other classmates who were having problems (at least, tried to) and - wait for it - sang karaoke. Yep. While everyone was panicking, I was singing my heart out to Ariana Grande's and Demi Lovato's songs. I could afford to, and I wanted an escape from the computer. I also inserted a few doodles, haha.

I remember having a little under 6 hours of sleep due to my PC suddenly crashing and having a "Boot Manager Missing" issue. That was the WORST thing I had to go through. Imagine having to repeat everything all over again! The worse part was that I didn't have a back-up of my files and with my PC dead... *shudder*. Well, the worst part is over!

I have emerged victorious! Yesss!

Our professor showed me my grades and, wooo, I passed! I am so insanely happy right now. All the sleepless nights during the semester, the sacrifices I made just to finish the projects - they all were worth it. Hi five!

Here's a little sample of one of the animations I did:

This was the Lip-Sync project I passed, featuring our professor's character "Baby Girl" and the copyrighted audio file, "Pink, or blue?". All I did was sync the animation (mouth) to the audio, and voila! A finished Lip-Sync animation for your pleasure!

If you'd like to see more animations, check out the "Animations" tab on the menu above. :)

Aight, that's all for now!

Have a great evening!
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