My Experience at One Shangri-La Place

There are reasons why I set strict rules for myself when booking hotels and tickets for travels. One, I don't want any mix-ups or hindrances that will prevent me from having a great time, two, I have trust issues when it comes to dealing directly with people for a tour or a place to stay - I'd rather talk with a hotel staff and be sure they won't mess things up to protect their brand - and three, it makes me feel cheap (for some reason) to not book directly with a hotel (just my thing I guess).

However, during a recent trip to Manila, I decided to try going against my rules - and it was one of the best experiences I've had in the area.

Starbucks for the 'Late Bloomers'

As much as people hate to admit it, Starbucks is currently one of the largest and most popular café chains in the world (aside from good ol' Australia). I don't know of anyone who hasn't been to Starbucks yet, but even those that go in from time to time have doubts and inhibitions about the menu and the fancy pronunciation of things.

If you haven't been to Starbucks (or rarely go) but have friends who are regulars (and practically live there every day), chances are you might have heard a thing or two about what goes on inside and that ordering something you don't know could be a total nightmare. So you never go, and when you do, you have your friends order "whatever they think you'd like" just to save yourself from having to choose from the menu.

To start going to Starbucks and hanging out like a pro, you need to bear in mind 5 things that'll help you blend in and look like you practically live off of the brand.

6 Amazing Templates for Your Blog on Etsy

No matter how awesome your content may be, it's usually the aesthetics that really make your readers feel safe and comfortable on your website. Give them something too plain and they'll find your site boring. Give them something literally popping out of the screen and they'll be clicking out of your tab as soon as you can say 'sorry'.

I've struggled with my blog's look for years, and I can never quite get what I actually wanted. I didn't have enough time in the past year to actually code my own theme, so I looked to online sites to find the perfect one. Recently, Etsy has been looking out for me. While I do believe you don't necessarily have to pay for a good theme, I find paid themes do most of the work for me, unlike most free ones.

Here are 6 awesome templates from Etsy that will give your site the 'punch' and help capture your readers for longer periods of time.

Blogger Themes

1. Kell 

This is a truly beautiful theme. If you have a blog that relies on photos, you'd definitely want to pick this one up. It's clean, chic, and very nicely done. I'd buy this right now if I just hadn't purchased another one a few days back, haha.

Robinsons Place Naga is Now Open!

Shut up and take my money.

Yes, the much awaited mall is finally open, and SM Naga finally has a reason to up their efforts and give consumers what we've been wanting for years: more stores to spend money on (I have no beef with SM though, just saying). Kidding aside, Robinsons Place Naga is the newest (and currently the largest) mall around, so of course, we couldn't have an opening without a grand launch. On August 15, 2017, they did just that.

Thank you to everyone who joined the Grand Opening of Robinsons Place Naga! #RobinsonsPlaceNaga #RobinsonsPlaceNagaNOWOPEN #RobinsonsMalls
Posted by Robinsons Place Naga on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Listed: 7 Animated Films That Are Well Worth Your Time

I'm a film buff, and as I graduated as an Animator with a real passion for well-made films (technical and story-wise), it pains me to see a lot of people unaware of the other wonderful movies that aren't exactly mainstream. This list was born out of the many times I've talked with people and none of them had heard any of those listed here.

Hopefully, you'll find time to watch these beautifully done animated films. From someone who's experienced the struggles and the amount of effort needed to finish an animated piece, I urge you to watch more and learn to appreciate the effort the creators and the whole team have done to deliver you entertainment.

1. Mary and Max (2009)

This film is easily one of my favorites from this list. The story centers on a young girl from Australia who finds a pen-pal through an old Yellow Pages at a store on one of her trips with her mom. Questions such as "Where do babies come from?" are also humorously answered.

Reviewing Coreanos: A Piece of Korea in Magsaysay

As a foodie, it’s my mission to find and review food that I will enjoy with friends. I’ve gone around more well-known restaurants and cafés that have been in Naga for years, and I figured it was time to focus on those I haven’t been to, which have just popped up within the past few months. So, one Friday evening after work, instead of our usual Starbucks Friday sessions, me and a few colleagues decided to try something new.