Reviewing Coreanos: A Piece of Korea in Magsaysay

As a foodie, it’s my mission to find and review food that I will enjoy with friends. I’ve gone around more well-known restaurants and caf├ęs that have been in Naga for years, and I figured it was time to focus on those I haven’t been to, which have just popped up within the past few months. So, one Friday evening after work, instead of our usual Starbucks Friday sessions, me and a few colleagues decided to try something new.

Coreanos is a Korean-inspired Bar & Grill along Magsaysay Avenue. They serve authentic Korean dishes and take extra care in making you feel like you’re in Korea (and not in an extremely hot tropical country a few hundred miles down). 

From experience, the moment we entered the place we were greeted “Annyeong haseyo!” by the staff inside. It was cool, contrast to the insanely hot weather outside. I was giddy as it would be a new experience, and the four of us decided to get two orders of Samgyupsal, one of their more popular dishes (and a choice you can’t possibly go wrong with in terms of taste and variety). A few minutes later, we were served some raw pork strips and the sides which came with it. 

My lovely friend was volunteered to do the grilling (which was eventually turned over to the staff of the place).

The experience I had in Coreanos was definitely helped by the friendly staff, the very efficient “Call” button on each table, the company I was with, and the stories we exchanged over the richly-flavored food. We got a bottle of Soju (which I haven’t tasted before) for P200, and after a few shots, I realized I liked it. It’s not as bitter as other people have said it to be, but it’s true that the first shot is the best. Guaranteed. 

I’ve gone back twice since coming there for the first time, and so far, I’ve been having a good time. We’re lucky enough to be able to visit when the place isn’t packed, so I’ve yet to figure out how the place and staff holds with a lot more people. 

If you’re in Magsaysay and want to experience a slice of Korea, I highly recommend Coreanos. It’s great value for taste. 

Visit their Facebook page HERE and don't forget to give them a like! Until the next food review! ;)

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