DML: A Weekend at Donsol, Sorsogon

Another DML. It's been a long, long while since my last travel/travel post. For the first-timers on my blog, DML is "Down Memory Lane", something I came up with to label late travel posts.

This time, we went to Donsol.

It's the very first time I ever went to this place (a tourist attraction) and it was super fun. (Okay, how do I start telling you everything that happened?)

My aunt from Germany arrived in Bicol on the morning of January 11. She and my mom went off to do business-related things while we stayed at home like most regular Saturdays. Since she just arrived that day, we weren't expecting her to tell us to pack our bags and get ready for a trip to a resort. But she did.

I was ecstatic. Who wouldn't want to get away during the weekend?! I wanted a break, with deadlines on all sides, and I'm sure mom wanted one too. I didn't want to go at first, but... it would've been a shame to not go. I would've regretted it.

So we hired a taxi(cab)/van for those 2 days we were out of town, and the road trip was great. My jam played on the radio, there was food in the car, and the weather was good enough to feel excited.

It was night when we arrived at the Siramsana resort so we couldn't go to the beach, but we did have dinner instead.

We brought our pocket wi-fi device so we had access to fast internet, which we used to call up dad and tempt him with the food we were enjoying. I miss my dad! Good thing he'll be here with us within a month.

After dinner, my brother and I walked around the other areas, but it was too dark t actually take good photos (I ain't used to shooting during the night, so...). We played a bit of hockey on brother's tab but we were called into our rooms after a little while.

The morning after, I had my chance to take clearer photos of our surroundings. We woke up to the sound of the ocean waves on the shore, the sound of roosters crowing, and sweepers cleaning the grounds. It felt like we were in another world.

Now this is where it gets exciting. You see, the resorts there were beside one another, so if you passed through the beach, you could enter another resort, then enter the next one. It was like a bridge to all the resorts in the area.

We had breakfast in the next resort.

We ordered a simple breakfast since during lunch, we were *secretly* hoping for a feast. Haha. We got our feast, by the way, so yeah.

We circled/toured the rest of the sights in the area and saw a large figure of the Whale Shark, the main attraction in Donsol. Locally, it's known as "Butanding", and tourists come here often to dive and see it in its natural habitat. I wanted to experience it, but my companions weren't too excited to do that. Only 2 of us knew how to actually swim so the rest would've become bored on the boat.

Vitton Beach Resort was directly beside the one we stayed at. The price for each room/family suite made us wonder why we didn't choose this one in the first place. Perhaps when we go back to Donsol, we could go here.

Basically, all we did was travel for more than 5 hours to Donsol, stayed there overnight and took off at around 8am back to Naga, with a few stops along the way. It was insane. This just proves to me how unplanned trips are usually the best ones.

I took a lot of photos, but here are a few more of our getaway.

I wish I could spend a whole month in that place! Ugh! Dad isn't much for trips like these, but maybe I could... flatter my way into this month of paradise? Haha. Here's to hoping! ;) Although just being with my whole family is enough of a getaway than Donsol would ever be.

This weekend with my aunt proved to be the craziest weekend I've ever had. Two more posts to come!

P.S. So tomorrow is March. WOW! I am so excited for this month for two reasons: one, school will officially be over (for this school year at least) and I'll have a LOT of free time for commissions and self-studies; and two, dad will be home by the 26th! Gah! Can't wait!

Happy weekend!

A Series of Pinks

Today was the day of our Alternative Class Program (ACP) and as I said in my previous post, I'd be blogging about it if it was worth it... so this post has nothing to do with the ACP.

Instead, I'm going to introduce you to my favorite color: pink.

# How I first came to like it

Back in elementary and for the most part of high school, I loved sky blue. I thought Pink was too feminine and too soft, so I rarely used it in my artworks or bought anything of that color. Imagine my surprise (not sure if it was a good or a bad one) when an aunt from the States gave me a Victoria's Secret handbag in - you guessed it - pink. I honestly didn't know what to do with it. It looked awesome and fashionable, but back then, if it was bluish, I would've LOVED it.

Right now though, I think it was an "eye-opener" if you will. If I wasn't given the handbag, I may still be addicted to sky blue, and among my peers, that color is over-used. So, loving Pink turned out to be a great move. I have too many pink things (I'll share a few of them in a bit) and I can't imagine them in another color.

# The meaning of Pink

My love for the color didn't stop with just collecting things in it's shade; I also wanted to know more about what else could be associated with it. Here are a few things I found on the net:

  • it is associated with unconditional love and nurturing
  • it tones down the physical passion of red and replaces it with a gentle, loving energy
  • it is associated to being intuitive & insightful
  • it doesn't like to be taken for granted and appreciates a "thank you" (in personality traits)
  • it can signify good health
  • it represents the sweetness and innocence of the child in each of us
  • it is the color of uncomplicated emotions, inexperience & naivete 

Pink in a negative light:
  • it can represent lack of will-power, self-worth, and self-reliance

A lover of Pink is:
  • loving, kind, generous, & sensitive to the needs of others
  • friendly & approachable
  • one with (high) maternal instincts
  • very much in-touch with her (or his) femininity
  • romantic, sensual, and sensitive
  • methodical & organized
  • refined, reserved, calm, non-violent (which can be mistaken for shyness)
  • youthful in appearance, even in old age

I found pink-colored contact lenses at the mall a few months back, and I'm terribly excited to purchase a pair. I'm still waiting for my purple ones to reach their expiration date (along with my savings to reach the price range for them), but I'm sure they won't be gone soon.

In other news...

Okay, it's not "other" news. After our ACP this afternoon, a friend and I passed by 7eleven on the way home, and when he pointed this beverage out, I had to try it out, because it was pink and because it was cold.

Introducing Mogu Mogu!

I've never heard of this drink before today, so this was a first for me. And it's also in one of my favorite fruits! Gosh, I miss Lychees so bad. Nata de Coco are those crystal bits in the drink (like pearls in shakes) and they make it yummier! This will definitely be on my grocery list the next time we go shopping. (I introduced this to my mom too and she immediately asked about the sugar content. Yeah, she limited this drink to around 1-2 times a month. Boohoo, right?)

Anyway, Here's what I had for snacks when I got home. (Yeah, yeah - the carbs.)

I really like their Manhattan Dressing though. It's nothing like the ones you get from a restaurant with your side dishes, but it passes for additional flavoring on your Hotdog Bun-snack.

So here, we temporarily part. I have a few blog topic ideas, but let's see. It'll definitely be a food-crazed blog weekend!

Ciao and have a great weekend! :)

Out of The Way

Before school resumes tomorrow, I have to get a few updates out of the way. It'll be another hectic weekday-ender for us Animation students, so I better get "updating" done with.

Update #1: I joined the 100 Happy Days Project/Challenge

This hash-tag (#100HappyDays) has been around Facebook for at least a week now (in my Timeline, anyway) and at first, I thought it was just some teenage-made hash-tag for personal use. However, I saw one of our teachers using this tag accompanied by a photo, ranging from food to just a slip of paper indicating his happiness. So I got curious.

So basically, #100HappyDays is a mini-project aimed for personal growth, and (as they said on the official site) to make yourself more appreciative of the little things and be happier. Call me a sucker for things like this, but I've decided to join in.

My starting date is on the 26th of March, the day my dad arrives home from Oman for summer vacation. I know I'll be doing A LOT this summer, and I know happiness will be at my fullest, with the family being complete and all. Family always does embody happiness, correct? :)

Head over to 100HappyDays to participate or read more about the project.

Update #2: I've signed up (again) for ACP this semester.

If this is the first time you've read my blog, ACP stands for Alternative Class Program, an event where each semester, a day is allotted for irregular "classes" with a range of topics to choose from. It's sort of like a mini seminar/workshop with guest speakers and other things. The only problem is that only one ACP topic is allowed for each student. That's very unfortunate, especially if there are maybe two or three other topics you want to participate in. Oh well.

If the ACP happens to be a good one, I might update you on that this weekend. The ACP is scheduled for February 27, and I signed up for a Doodle topic.

Update #3: I've lost 5kg!

It's an achievement, you guys! OMG. I've been trying so hard to lose more weight by the end of the year, and it's been around 4 months (the pace is killing me!) since I started. It's not much progress if you look at it through the numbers, but it's pretty darn big for me.

I have terrible challenge-commitment issues, especially if people around me always present great food during meals. This is a BIG, MAJOR change. I'm pushing through until I get to my target weight. It seems so far, but I'm really, really hoping.

So there you go. A quick update post before things get busy again. Life is rarely still, don't you think? An event ends but another pushes right in. Ah, life.

Have a great week!

Junior Week

You know how different levels are called both in high school and college, about Neophytes for the first year, Sophomores for the second, and Juniors for the third? Well, since this is the third week of February, let's call it Junior Week.

Junior was tiring. So much. It seemed like every day was being forced upon me, and though I wanted to rest, I couldn't because once a project is over, two more pile in.

But let's cut this complaint short, shall we?

I've had enough short breaks to fiddle with my tab (and let others do the same), so here I am with apps I've been using (games) and something I'm working on for Programming class. :)

Before you get fooled, that 107 isn't mine. A friend raised the high score from my 23 to a 45, then another friend raised it to a freaking 107. I'm not caught up with the Flappy Bird game though, and I can't figure out why people have become addicted to it. I've played it before, but it's not as interesting as the one on the right.

This app is becoming an instant favorite of mine, though I only downloaded it this afternoon. It's called Blendoku if I remember correctly, and it's Sudoku for colors. If you've had Color Theory in class, this app will be an amazing experience. It tests your ability to see which colors make a sort of blend and which blends are a product of which colors. Now this is addicting.

Another app I've had ever since I acquired a tab (2 years ago, maybe?) is Shuffle 5, obviously a word-related shuffling/unscrambling game.

I'm also addicted to games like this, and my tab is a trove of word games and puzzles. It's available on both the App store and Play store, so check it out.

And finally... the storybook app I'm creating for our Programming class.

I read the story on the net and decided to use it instead of creating my own due to time constraints (don't worry, I'll be giving credit to the site I took it from). So far, it's in black and white and I've only created pages for the English version. It's only partially done, but here's a few shots of the pages.

The story I found on the net had no title, so I made one. A little too obvious, but works, right?

The Beta version already has narration and other sound effects, but I still have to include a volume control for them, which I haven't started doing. I also tried making the graphics more childlike, but in terms of color, I'm not sure if I'll keep it black and white or color it in. I'm not very strong on color theory and such, so it's an option after all the important things are done.

So there you go. Junior Week was spent mostly in school and in front of my PC at home, aside from watching Robocop and eating out.

Busy, busy, busy. :)

The "Dress Up Day" OOTD


Another dress-up day has gone by, and the number of students dressed to go on a cocktail party (again!) exceeded those who truly dressed "business".

The whole point of this "event" is to give us a taste of wearing business suits for a whole day, just like most of us would after graduating. The problem every single year is that a LOT of students wear party dresses - micro mini's and sheer, revealing tops included.

The reason we have the "Dress-Up Day" ladies, is for "business purposes", not for walking in sky-high heels and revealing more skin than you should. I have nothing against heels (I actually am addicted to them), but there are places where they aren't appropriate.

I saw around 16 girls today wearing super high heels, looking gorgeous in their outfits but obviously incredibly tired of their shoes. If I didn't know better, I'd think they had a leg injury at the rate they were walking.


Me, you ask? Meh. Slacks, people. Slacks.

Today was pretty busy and draggy, so I have no full-body photos, but here are a few photos I had taken for me when I got home.

Thanks for the cross bling, mom! ^___^

In total, dress-up day was okay. Though the projects I have have increased today, I'll get by.

Thank you God! :)

Edit: A little GIF for your entertainment. :)

Where the Wind Takes You

When everything's gone, where will you go? Would you choose to go with the ones you love, or would you plant a different path for yourself to follow?

I hope you figure out where you're headed.

(An exercise for animation class using nCloth simulation in Maya.)

'Cause I Can

Still super busy, but I apparently had time to squeeze in a digital painting! I don't even know how I have the time to do anything else besides school work. Well, enough of that for now. She has no name yet, but then, I'm not really good at assigning appropriate names.
I'll come around to naming her one of these days. :) 'Til then, I bid you adieu!
Have a great day tomorrow!

All Piled Up

Hey there!

So it's me again, about to relate the happenings of my life. Other than the obvious, I'm currently working on a lot of school projects/exams/papers to be passed either by Friday this week or by Thursday next week. As my classmate said earlier, we no longer have the right to take a breather. Once a task is done, another gets thrown at our faces.

Life, right? To make matters worse, the radio station I'm tuned in to is playing "Bluer than Blue" at the moment. I like the station however, so I'm not turning it off until I go to bed. I'm back to being an owl again; I'm the only one awake at our compound right now. Geez.

The only thing that's driving me right now is the fact that in less than two months, I am officially done with being a college junior! A lot of things are going to happen in the next few weeks, and with dad spending the summer with us, my urgency to finish everything at once has tripled.

A list of the things I have to submit/finish by next week:
(in no order)

  • Valentine's Day Animation (project)
  • Alpha version of my storybook app (Pre-Finals / Programming class)
  • Matryoshka dolls (project for Politics class)
  • The multitude of exercises 4-7 (Non-linear class)
  • Research paper/Reflection (Philosophy class)
  • Self-shot video for Match Moving exercise (Non-linear)

So far, the only task I've started is the Valentine's Animation (greeting), and it's not even at least 10% of the whole thing! (T___T) I could basically CRY. Here's a few shots of the pre-rendered frames so far:

Meet Popo! (I just randomly made up a name for her, actually :/) I was playing around Maya earlier, and sort of came up with this textured, Hershey's kisses-shaped, blob. :) Originally, this was going to be my character for the Valentine's Greeting, but changed it after a few minutes.

Another test render, this time from the official greeting animation set. It's incredibly bare, but I'll be filling it up with things related to Valentine's Day. Call it a sort of "garage" if you want to. Something magical will be placed on the table. ;) Weeee.

Gloomy Valentine? I don't think so. Though the scene may look pretty eerie or depressing, it'll get a major turn near the end of everything. I only got as far as animating her walking to the doors before I got tired and bored. As my teachers always say, if you're getting frustrated with what you're doing, take a break and go to sleep (or do something else). Blogging is the "something else" I'm doing right now, though.

Classes tomorrow will be a drag. It often gets boring when we enter Philosophy class, mainly because our teacher's voice (female) is so soft you'd be sinning not to doze off. 

Let's just leave it at that. 

Good mor-night!

It's That Time of Year

February is upon us once again.

I haven't been updating this blog for a while now as my schedule is always flooded with school (drats!), but I just want you to know that I'm still here and this blog is still (trying to stay) alive! Hahaha.

I also haven't done much personal work lately, except for the doodles I drew on my tab and my sketchbook the past three nights. I used the Autodesk Sketchbook App, so if you'd like to try it, it's available for free and premium versions on the App and Play Store. :)

Anyway, here's a brief summary of what happened during my "absence". From top left to bottom right.

  1. One of the more recent photos, this was taken on Friday this week, at Bigg's Diner during dinner. 
  2. During a sudden trip to the mall, in the midst of submission deadlines. Hahaha. One can never have too much free time.
  3. A forehead morning, during last week - projects and exercises. I wonder if my brain's as large as my forehead. Haha.
  4. This was during a trip to Legazpi (have to update you on this one!) with my Aunt from Germany. That was the best weekend I've had for a while!

  1. It's been a while since I drew anything traditionally, and after a clean-up during the weekend, I thought I'd freshen up my charcoals and sketchpads. (Sad, neglected pads.)
  2. Trying out typography (poorly executed, still) with a brush pen. Ain't there yet, girl.
  3. There are days when I have to bring my laptop to school to catch up on projects, and during our submission for a Midterm Exam/Project, my laptop was working over-time. Shot at our department library/theater.
  4. Another recent art, drawn on my tab in a little under 45 minutes. I'm actually enjoying the process. It feels different than a graphics tablet, but it offers the same level of sensitivity.

  1. Lunch at McDonald's, after church last, last, last Sunday (yeah, it's that far back). Just so you're wondering, my brother and I bought the same bullet necklaces, so, you know, because we wanted to. Haha.
  2. When my aunt had to go back to Germany, and with my brother still rooting for steak, mom decided to cook steak for us, her style. Hmmmm.
  3. I'm sure you can relate when I say that often, caffeine helps keep the sense awake, and during "Hell week" (exams), this kept me going, along with listening to Demi Lovato, JoJo, Ailee, and Papa Jack (a radio DJ).
  4. Memories! This one was shot when we were at Donsol with my aunt. This is another event which I just have to rely in another post!

As you can probably tell, The whole 2nd week of January to the first week of February was super full. So, my apologies for not updating in the previous days! I had time today, since I just finished an animation exercise, and since I couldn't be bothered to review for an exam I have for Politics and Sound Design class. Oh well. At least something came out of my laziness.

Have a fun, stress-free week ahead!