Before school resumes tomorrow, I have to get a few updates out of the way. It'll be another hectic weekday-ender for us Animation students, so I better get "updating" done with.

Update #1: I joined the 100 Happy Days Project/Challenge

This hash-tag (#100HappyDays) has been around Facebook for at least a week now (in my Timeline, anyway) and at first, I thought it was just some teenage-made hash-tag for personal use. However, I saw one of our teachers using this tag accompanied by a photo, ranging from food to just a slip of paper indicating his happiness. So I got curious.

So basically, #100HappyDays is a mini-project aimed for personal growth, and (as they said on the official site) to make yourself more appreciative of the little things and be happier. Call me a sucker for things like this, but I've decided to join in.

My starting date is on the 26th of March, the day my dad arrives home from Oman for summer vacation. I know I'll be doing A LOT this summer, and I know happiness will be at my fullest, with the family being complete and all. Family always does embody happiness, correct? :)

Head over to 100HappyDays to participate or read more about the project.

Update #2: I've signed up (again) for ACP this semester.

If this is the first time you've read my blog, ACP stands for Alternative Class Program, an event where each semester, a day is allotted for irregular "classes" with a range of topics to choose from. It's sort of like a mini seminar/workshop with guest speakers and other things. The only problem is that only one ACP topic is allowed for each student. That's very unfortunate, especially if there are maybe two or three other topics you want to participate in. Oh well.

If the ACP happens to be a good one, I might update you on that this weekend. The ACP is scheduled for February 27, and I signed up for a Doodle topic.

Update #3: I've lost 5kg!

It's an achievement, you guys! OMG. I've been trying so hard to lose more weight by the end of the year, and it's been around 4 months (the pace is killing me!) since I started. It's not much progress if you look at it through the numbers, but it's pretty darn big for me.

I have terrible challenge-commitment issues, especially if people around me always present great food during meals. This is a BIG, MAJOR change. I'm pushing through until I get to my target weight. It seems so far, but I'm really, really hoping.

So there you go. A quick update post before things get busy again. Life is rarely still, don't you think? An event ends but another pushes right in. Ah, life.

Have a great week!