You know how different levels are called both in high school and college, about Neophytes for the first year, Sophomores for the second, and Juniors for the third? Well, since this is the third week of February, let's call it Junior Week.

Junior was tiring. So much. It seemed like every day was being forced upon me, and though I wanted to rest, I couldn't because once a project is over, two more pile in.

But let's cut this complaint short, shall we?

I've had enough short breaks to fiddle with my tab (and let others do the same), so here I am with apps I've been using (games) and something I'm working on for Programming class. :)

Before you get fooled, that 107 isn't mine. A friend raised the high score from my 23 to a 45, then another friend raised it to a freaking 107. I'm not caught up with the Flappy Bird game though, and I can't figure out why people have become addicted to it. I've played it before, but it's not as interesting as the one on the right.

This app is becoming an instant favorite of mine, though I only downloaded it this afternoon. It's called Blendoku if I remember correctly, and it's Sudoku for colors. If you've had Color Theory in class, this app will be an amazing experience. It tests your ability to see which colors make a sort of blend and which blends are a product of which colors. Now this is addicting.

Another app I've had ever since I acquired a tab (2 years ago, maybe?) is Shuffle 5, obviously a word-related shuffling/unscrambling game.

I'm also addicted to games like this, and my tab is a trove of word games and puzzles. It's available on both the App store and Play store, so check it out.

And finally... the storybook app I'm creating for our Programming class.

I read the story on the net and decided to use it instead of creating my own due to time constraints (don't worry, I'll be giving credit to the site I took it from). So far, it's in black and white and I've only created pages for the English version. It's only partially done, but here's a few shots of the pages.

The story I found on the net had no title, so I made one. A little too obvious, but works, right?

The Beta version already has narration and other sound effects, but I still have to include a volume control for them, which I haven't started doing. I also tried making the graphics more childlike, but in terms of color, I'm not sure if I'll keep it black and white or color it in. I'm not very strong on color theory and such, so it's an option after all the important things are done.

So there you go. Junior Week was spent mostly in school and in front of my PC at home, aside from watching Robocop and eating out.

Busy, busy, busy. :)