Another dress-up day has gone by, and the number of students dressed to go on a cocktail party (again!) exceeded those who truly dressed "business".

The whole point of this "event" is to give us a taste of wearing business suits for a whole day, just like most of us would after graduating. The problem every single year is that a LOT of students wear party dresses - micro mini's and sheer, revealing tops included.

The reason we have the "Dress-Up Day" ladies, is for "business purposes", not for walking in sky-high heels and revealing more skin than you should. I have nothing against heels (I actually am addicted to them), but there are places where they aren't appropriate.

I saw around 16 girls today wearing super high heels, looking gorgeous in their outfits but obviously incredibly tired of their shoes. If I didn't know better, I'd think they had a leg injury at the rate they were walking.


Me, you ask? Meh. Slacks, people. Slacks.

Today was pretty busy and draggy, so I have no full-body photos, but here are a few photos I had taken for me when I got home.

Thanks for the cross bling, mom! ^___^

In total, dress-up day was okay. Though the projects I have have increased today, I'll get by.

Thank you God! :)

Edit: A little GIF for your entertainment. :)