Hola - The Indy Miss

I'm Olivia, and I want to help you out on all your design, editing, lettering, and writing needs.



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Digital and traditional brush lettering, created for clients or personal studies.

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A collection of graphic design work made for personal & client projects.



A group of paintings created during my free time. Personal & commissioned.


I used to be a really, really shy teen. Growing up, I was told I used to be comfortable singing in front of relatives during family gatherings, but as I matured, I started building a shell around me. Eventually, this turned into a bad case of introversion, causing me to underperform during high school and shy away from the stage during elementary as much as I could. Not that this prevented my teachers from pushing me forward


You've heard about it, but haven't really gotten around to looking it up. Maybe you've tried the trial, but just didn't seem to find enough reason to migrate from your current platform to Squarespace. Whatever your reservations, I completely understand. After all, I was in the same position three months ago, when I seriously started considering moving everything to Squarespace.