Serial Creative, Podcaster, Relationship Coach,
and Advocate for Self-Improvement

Veeyah is a Filipina creative who has made it her goal to learn as much of everything as possible. You could even say that "skill hoarding" for her is more of a lifestyle than a mission!

Over the years, she's tried her hand at different creative channels: illustration, writing, video editing, 3D animation, photography, singing & song-writing, hand-lettering, web development, UI/UX and graphic design, journaling,
podcasting, and more. She has always believed that stocking up on skills will open up countless opportunities - and it has indeed!

She loves helping others learn what she knows and feels an immense sense of responsibility to pay it forward as much as she can. This is also why she always agrees to attend speaking invitations and workshops to reach more people and hopefully motivate and inspire them to keep going.

Some of her speaking engagements:

Podcasting 101 Workshop
Department of Information & Communications Technology (2021)

Design & Communications
Naga Parochial School (2019)

Panel Speaker for Design
Bicol Business Youth Summit (2017)

Project Management
Ateneo de Naga University (2017)
Special Workshop for the Ateneo LeaderShape Program

Aside from holding workshops, she also does one-on-one and couples relationship coaching and provides branding & design consultations for various SMEs and companies abroad. 

She's in the process of recreating her now inactive podcast on self-improvement and will be releasing the new show early next year.

For speaking engagements, workshops, consulting, and digital services inquiries, send Veeyah an email at