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So, today was a tiring one, and... I guess I don't quite have enough energy to tell you all about it. Tomorrow would be perfect though, so tonight, I leave you with a sketch I did last night before going to bed (well, I was in bed, but couldn't go to sleep immediately).

I used a normal blue gel pen for the lines and just coloured some parts with watercolour and my improvised waterbrush (I might put up a post/tutorial for that). Done in under 30 minutes, while watching Phineas & Ferb on Disney. That show is awesome.

I named her Carmilla for some reason, probably because I imagined her to be some kind of medieval vampire, nobility, yet consumed with blood-lust. Hmmm. More story ideas have been floating around in my head, but I don't have the time to jot them down. *Sigh.

'Til tomorrow!
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The 100 Themes Challenge #2: Twisted Identity

What would you do if you found out that the very people you trusted were in fact just putting on a show, fronting disguises to raise a false sense of security, living for the single purpose of misleading you? You ask yourself, why would they do that? What did you do to deserve deception?

Imagine yourself waking up one morning to find that everything about your life has been an intricately spun web of lies. You see everything, but you know nothing about it. You see the superficial - the physical - and are blinded by the aesthetics that have been lifted to a higher form of judgement.

Is the coffee you are drinking really what it says it is? How can you know for sure that coffee actually tastes like the coffee we've always known? What if the ancient people decided to play a little joke and make us believe that this is real coffee? How can we trace our roots for the ultimate truth, if even the truth has been distorted to a great extent?

What defines identity? Is it how people see you? Is it how you see yourself? Or is it how you present yourself to others and make an impression? Is it about the choices you make or about the people you hang around with? Is it about what you say or about what sort of books you read? Is it in your DNA? Is it even the fingerprints you leave - traces - whenever you take hold of something, even for a mere second?

Is identity actually about yourself alone, or is there a pattern, where no identity in itself is unique? If all is unique, then nothing truly is. What if identity is something others thrust upon you, regardless of whether it's the truth or not, but which you ultimately come to accept due to it being a common thought-of description of you? People give labels, yet none of these can singularly define you.

You long for a companion - we all do. Yet how do you choose? How can you truly know someone is who they say they are? It's not in the amount of time you spend with each other. It's not even the interests you both so fatefully like. How can you be sure that the person you wake up beside everyday is not a thief, or a serial killer? Has anyone ever actually let go of who they really are? Have you?

Have you ever tried pretending to be someone else for a day? How did it feel like? Have you ever wished to be in the shoes of someone else so badly that there are times where you think that person is you? Have you ever had that sudden thought that maybe, you and a neighbour have switched identities accidentally?

How can you explain anything while you're asleep? How do you know that anyone is the same person after they leave your sight for a moment? How do you get by without being struck by paranoia each day, even though you may be fully aware that somewhere, an identity is being replaced, transferred to another individual without them even knowing? How do you grasp the concept of change if you realize that that change could bring a different person?

How are you certain that I am the owner of this blog? Are you certain that I haven't killed anyone to get this little portion of cyberspace? How can anyone be sure? Can you?


Note: I guess it's just one of those "deep-thinking" days for me. Hahaha. It fitted well with the theme of today's challenge, and the almost-gloomy weather we have today. Should I post more of this stuff, or was this post just plain BORING? 

Leave a comment/suggestion, if you'd like! I'd appreciate it!
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The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Movie Review)

Hello again!

First off, I just have to say how biased I'm gonna be with this review (sorry!) - all because of the ever lovely Lily Collins! I loved her in Mirror Mirror, and she looked really cute in Abduction and Priest as well. Who wouldn't love her? Haha.

Okay, so this morning, at around 11:45, my brother and I watched The Mortal Instruments at the cinemas, after tossing The Conjuring out the window (not that I didn't want to watch it though). Since we arrived a few minutes after the movie started, we didn't have to wait to get our tickets since there was no line anymore, and we ran to our seats when we got inside (ahh, the glory of seeing everything so clearly). We were at the front rows (perhaps a 10-15 rows from the first one) and we had to literally almost lie down on the chairs to get a good view. Serves us right for being a little late!

If you still haven't watched the movie, WATCH IT. Please. It's worth the time and money.

The Plot In General
The story involves Carly (Lily Collins), a young girl raised into a normal life with her mother, who is taken by the enemy. Carly later finds out she is a Shadow Hunter through JC (Jamie Campbell Bower), a *hot* Shadow Hunter who stays with her until the very end. He tells her that she holds the secret to the rest of the Shadow Hunters' survival.

I just LOVE how they did the effects. It wasn't perfect (although it would be if you were too distracted with the chemistry of Lily and Jamie), but the quality was definitely there. I loved how they used the lighting for the runes and the portal. It was overwhelming, especially for me seated at the front, and the sound director did an awesome job too. Oh, and another reason why I'm biased - DEMI LOVATO sang one of the movie's OST songs. *__* Sigh.

Other Observations
What else can I say? I love the casting, the sound design, the cinematography, and the plot. The script wasn't all that striking, but even so, I found it really easy - none of the typical cheesy stuff.
It's hard being biased about certain elements in the movie, since all I can say is the good stuff about it. I tried looking for major flaws throughout the film, but I found nothing too horrible. I really, really enjoyed the movie. Heck, if it was free, I'd watch it over, and over, and over again.

My Movie Rating:

Surprise! Haha. As expected, I've rated this movie a full five-star. A lot of things were right in this movie, and I've been waiting for it for months before. Of course I've anticipated it's gloriousness. If you still haven't watched it, I'm telling you, IT IS WORTH IT. Even if you're not a fan of any of the celebrities starring, it's still a great film.

(images from Google)
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Claymation Progress!


Last Saturday, my group mates and I started "shooting" for our stop-motion school project, after an overnight activity at our place. We "shot" a few scenes... not. Well, we were going to, but we weren't really finished with the props and characters yet, so we had to put things to a halt. Here's a few photos of our characters:

From left to right: Unnamed girl, "Kiko" and "Tapa" (a name for a type of cooked meat here in the Philippines, which is very delicious). Yes, they're still eyeless.

A group mate added little clay chickens for decorations in the set, and decided to let me keep them for a while (har-har).

There's still pretty much to do, and we're slowly running out of time, patience, and energy, though we all don't want to admit it to one another. I actually blew my head off over a little miscommunication, and I am now regretting ever doing it. *Sigh. I really don't work well under too much pressure.

More things to talk about tomorrow! I'll be posting a movie review!!! Yayy!

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Thursday's Recollection

Hey, how's it going?

The last three days were EXTREMELY hectic and exhausting. For one, we had our Recollection last Thursday.

Let me fill you in briefly.

So last Thursday, a few classmates and I had our yearly recollection (or a form of spiritual whole-day retreat) at the Arrupe Retreat Center at school. It's one of those requirements which I both like and try to avoid at the same time - not that I can, really. You see, recollections are okay if you're a Catholic. I'm not, and sometimes, I can't really relate with what the facilitator is saying.

Anyway, I arrived at school at around 7:15am (pretty early, hahaha), thinking that the doors might close at 7:30 am sharp and I'd have to file for rescheduling. Well, I was wrong. We were let in by the caretakers at 8am and we waited for an hour for the facilitator. She said her apologies and that the original facilitator was sick, so yeah. There was nothing we could do anyway.

I had fun during the small sessions and the video showing times (of course), and we were fortunately given an hour and a half to rest or sleep. The Intramurals ended just the day before, so the facilitator allowed us to rest.

One activity I liked the most was the part where we were given some verses and were asked to do a journal about what we read. Thank goodness I brought my personal journal along! I missed writing in it! :)

I've been writing journals for years now, and this is (i think) my third or fourth journal, where I mostly write my observations of life for the day, verses that I remembered, or ideas which I think need to be written to be remembered. It's a bonus if I get to buy one with a cute cover!

I chose the passage from Matthew 6:25-34, which talks about worrying and how God responds to this everyday. This was a treat, since I'm pretty much an intense worrier. If I have an exam tomorrow, my stomach just eats itself in anxiousness. If I signed up for an audition a week from now, my stomach would do the same rounds. It hasn't changed at all since high school! I worry, my insides want to hurl.

I have deeper worries too, like how I'll provide for my family in the future, how and if I'll be able to give my parents a great life during their old age, or even how my brother's future will hold out. I worry too much. Thankfully, I found comfort in the verses I mentioned above (click here to read the verses).

I missed writing in a journal, and I want to get back on track. With so many projects to do for school, I'm finding it hard to find time to do my devotions or "quiet times". I need to get my priorities straight. :)

Until tomorrow!
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The Future Bond Girl

I have successfully found another old artwork of mine!

I submitted her for an exercise at school, and she was supposed to be a little more bare at the front. Our teacher saw it during his "rounds" and teased me for being into those type of "things". Hahahaha. I gotta tell you, he sort of got to me, so I just covered it up. Meh. I should've stuck to my original design, but it's too late to change it. Here's my version of a future bond girl.

I did the lines in Paint Tool SAI and coloured it up in Photoshop. I like how the lines in SAI come out smoother and easier than the latter. I would've done the whole thing in SAI if we were allowed to colour outside Photoshop.

Now that I think about it, it seems pretty weird as a costume. For one, I don't think a batman-like cape would help while she fights the bad guys. She might even get caught in some gate and get killed by the enemy right? The golden gun doesn't help either. It looks more like a "fashion bling" than a weapon. Heck, even a lipstick looks more menacing from this angle. The shoes are also just as horrible. Who'd wear those kind of boots? If I was a court jester, I'd step into them anytime - but an agent? It's too damn flashy.

I guess I can't really call her a future bond girl, because her outfit alone crosses this young woman out of the list. She could be... a Sci-Fi chic dressed to laugh the life out of you. Oh, the hilarity.

As if I haven't embarrassed myself enough, I shall still look for old artworks/files that might be of entertainment to you, oh reader. :) More to come!

A Tribal Jean Grey

Hello hello hello!

So today, while I was browsing through my hard drive for old files, I saw a folder which had all my old drawings from my college sophomore years. I then saw Jean Grey - in an outfit I think she'd be horrified in wearing. I then had to think about which category I should place this in - Fashion or Drawings. Since our main goal was to give Jean a super new look, fashion would be the best choice.

Ready to see her? Hahaha. I don't think she'd be able to fight very well in this.

Ahahahaha! I was assigned the transformation by my own group mates that time (who probably thought I'd do better), and look where it led me! Her original version was a bit more proper, but she still looked like a foreign action hero, so I had to fashion her into a tribal warrior. Don't mind the tattoo on her left arm - that was something completely random that I just thought would look cool on her.

Of course, I looked at references for the time period I was assigning her to, but most of them didn't really fit the "fighting" aspect of Jean Grey. So, I made adjustments. A little snip off there, a little cut here and behold! A topless Jean. Ahaha.

We were supposed to present this in class and explain the look, but due to lack of time and our teacher's sudden gloomy mood cancelled ours. I think we were the only group to not present this. Good thing.

I'll continue to look for old drawings which haven't made it to this blog yet and I just HOPE that most of the ones I'll find are good enough! 'Til then!

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The 100 Themes Challenge #1: A Hot Cup of Chocolate

Another challenge?

I stumbled across a theme challenge on Deviantart (while creating a new account) and thought about doing it. Here's the first theme, which I did in a few minutes. Hahaha. It looks so messy. XD

I did this in Sketchbook Pro, but it's been so long since I used the software that I forgot a lot of the basic controls! Hahaha. I ended up just brushing in colours and creating highlights and shadows for "effect". I don't even know why I did this today. I'm not even in the mood to draw. Oh well.

I haven't been able to finish a challenge (ever) and I was hoping that because this one isn't tied to a daily-post system, I might be able to pull this off. Might is an incredibly big word, don't you think? This challenge is really flexible since I'm not limited to just drawings. It can be anything related to the theme, no matter how far-fetched I get. Yay. I PROMISE TO MAKE BETTER DRAWINGS NEXT TIME!

Today's mom's birthday (as if I didn't tell you in my previous post), and I'm not sure how we're going to celebrate it. Mom's at work, and my brother's at school, leaving me and a family friend at home to ourselves. *Sigh. I might draw mom instead, but I already gave her a sketch/gift for mother's day. Any other ideas?

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Third Day of a Long Vacation

Hello again! :)

I've been on this insanely long vacation from school. It's the College Intramurals at Ateneo de Naga, and classes have been called off for the students of each college to participate and cheer for the players and participants. Um, I have been sort of not there this past few days. Teehee.

What? Why are you giving me that look? I deserve a break too, and besides, when classes go back to normal next week, it's back to sleepless nights and caffeine overload for me! (I don't sound too defensive, right? Good.)

Honestly, it's been a pretty good week so far. After a few Sundays of not being able to go to church, I finally went again tonight. Everything felt weirdly new though, but apart from that, nothing really interesting went on today... except for me hanging out with my camera again.

I rarely get to dress up and have my picture taken these days, so I took the opportunity to snap a few when we got home from church.

Since my dad bought this Zara top for me during his vacation here in the Philippines, this has been my favorite formal-and-not-so-formal wear. It's cloth is extremely soft and light (i feel like I'm barely wearing anything with this on), and you have the option of tying the sleeve up or leaving it down, depending on the weather. The color is also pretty awesome, next to my other favorite, pink. (Yes, my earrings and the necklace don't match. Hahaha. It was one of those random days for me.)

My brother was sitting at the opposite side of my table and so I took a photo of him too. He rarely, rarely smiles, and when he does, he grumbles for minutes afterwards. I wonder why?

He knew I was taking a picture of him, and pulled off this - what IS this - poker face. He looks more like a hawk eyeing the enemy (sshh, don't tell). He joined their school's Intramurals too, as their year level representative for the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals competition. He didn't win the title, though he did get an award for "Best In Production Number". Good enough for his statue-like attitude. Haha. He'll change. Hopefully.

Since my last post, other things have happened, one the saddest of them all.

My desktop monitor barred down! *sobs hysterically*

After less than a year, it surprisingly stopped displaying the desktop. I searched for reasons, but most of them said that the quality might not have been good in the first place and that perhaps its lifespan was short, but that was impossible. I mean, it was a 21" Samsung flat screen monitor. It wasn't overused either. I made sure to let it rest if I ever used it for extended hours (past my bedtime, specifically) and use my laptop instead while it cooled down. I made sure it was constantly free of viruses and I also cleaned its memory weekly. How could it have died down?

A family friend and I took the monitor back to where I had bought it and (thankfully), they agreed to have it checked despite my inability to produce a receipt (forgetful old me). They made one thing clear though, that if the problem was about the hardware, the warranty wouldn't shoulder it. Well then, here's to hoping.

But one month without it? I've gotten so used to the large LCD for browsing the net, editing school projects and watching movies that it's taking me longer than usual to adjust to the laptop screen. The laptop is exceedingly slower than the PC too, which is making me miss it even more. Any solutions? I've cleared about 60% of the it's memory, but it still isn't as fast as the desktop. You think it has anything to do with a virus? I hope not.

Tomorrow's my mom's 53rd birthday, but she's still working. I've tried talking her into taking a vacation (just for tomorrow), but she just doesn't want to. How do I make her birthday special without spending too much and without her knowing about it? Darnit. If only I had enough money to send her on a day's worth of beauty treatments for relaxation. I'd cook too, though I'd probably burn the pot down before I even start doing anything. I want to see her relaxed even for just one day, but she argues about who'd fill in for her and that she needs to be at work tomorrow. It's pretty weird, since mom partially owns the clinic and she shouldn't be working her body off everyday. *Sigh

I guess I have to end it here for now. I think my brain's starting to fry.

Bonne Nuit. :)
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Flooded... again?

Hey ya'll!

I just got back from school, and I'll tell you, the floods still haven't friggin' been resolved yet. I posted about this situation a few months ago, regarding the floods the previous year at the same place. (Click here to go to the other flood post.) It's a little diappointing that more than a year has passed and the floods are still great. I would understand if it's not as much as the previous years but come on! They've had all of last year and all of summer to fix this.

If it weren't for the fact that floods can suspend classes, I'd be fuming. Sigh.

Here's what's happening at school right now (or more accurately, an hour ago):

Thank goodness I remembered to bring my other phone with me today, hence the blurry-but-alright photos. :) I really should bring this phone more often, since everyday at school is an interesting one.

One problem I see as the cause of this flood is blockage in the sewer due to garbage and the lack of proper waste disposal. There are heaps of plastics lying around, and when they shoot into the drainage, they cause walls. Walls prevent anything from passing through, resulting to floods. It's either these two or we are really doomed to suffer floods until we graduate - and that's just my time span at school. How about the rest?

I really hope everything is resolved.

Thank God today was a non-uniform day.
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Apps: AirDroid

I find it such a hassle whenever I need to transfer something to my tab and have to find the cord for it. I've (gladly) found a solution. If you're like me , you'll be in love with this app I found on the Play Store.

It's called "Airdroid", and it's free. Free! :) I'm not sure if it's on the Apple store, but if it is, Apple users should try this too. Here's a screenshot of the app in a browser:

(click to enlarge)

Download the app here.

This works only on WI-FI though, but I'm sure that's a common household system these days. :) I've been using it for a few hours now (since this afternoon), and it's been fun! I'm a big fan of apps that help me access my devices and do my homework faster, so I guess you can expect more recommendations from me in the future. Yay!

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Walk Cycle: Bik

Heya! ^___^

Here's a video update of the walk cycle I've been working on.

The character and the rig aren't mine. I just animated him. :) What do you guys think? I referenced it to a fashion show I saw on youtube. Haaaah. If this gets approved, the run cycle comes next.
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How long would it be until I can ACTUALLY see Paris for myself?

I'm tired of just looking at photos of the Eiffel or the Louvre - I want to physically be there! There's so many things and places I could visit once I get there, but it seems to be taking sooo long until it happens.

I have no relatives stationed there, so an invite to the country is out of the possible means. Our sem-break is pretty short, so I can't go during the vacation either. Summer isn't going to be a free one this year since summer camp is coming up (and I might have to go somewhere else instead), so that's out of the question too. Money? Another one of my problems. Lodging? Another one. Pocket money? Not much of a dilemma, though if I did have money to spend, I first have to find money to get a ticket to France. Oh the pain!

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to keep hoping for the future... and reminding myself that someday, I'll be able to visit this dream of a country.

I bought this necklace in Oman, before coming back to the Philippines. It's a constant reminder of my dreams, that I should do everything I can to fulfill them. Until then, this necklace is the closest I'll ever get to Paris.

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3D Animation: Walk Cycle

Hi everyone! What's been cooking? :)

Well, today was the best session I ever had for animation class. We finally know how to do a walk cycle! Hahaha. Yep, big dreams. It's been fun, and we've been given a series of sieves we must pass through to get to the end of the series of projects, and I'm glad to say that I've already done the first one! I still have to have it approved by our teacher though, but I have high hopes. Har-har.

Here's a look at what I've been working with:

The character, "Bik" is a copyright of our professor.

All we had to do was animate the already-rigged mesh. Yep, If you noticed, I was watching music videos, looking at references, and rigging all at the same time. (That video is Bridgit Mendler's acoustic version of her song "Love Will Tell Us Where to Go". It's a great song.)

This is my usual setup when I'm working or doing homework on the computer. I can't NOT have music - it's just plain boring and it makes me sleepy after just a few minutes. Sometimes, I even take breaks and watch movies (if I'm confident enough about the whole task) if my brain's starting to fry.

I'm not sure I can post videos about this character which isn't mine... but I'll see. :)

Good night!


Experimenting with art has been going great for me. These past couple of days, I've been trying out inks, watercolor pencils, and charcoal - but mostly the inks and pencils. I've also had a lot of free time (at school, nada at home!), and I've been putting them to good use (I hope!).

Ta-da! I spent a good 30 mins on this, no planning and erasures. I've never drawn anything close to nudity before, and this slashes it right out. Haha. I think I'm ready for more "symbolic" artworks, don't you think?


It has finally arrived!

After many weeks of waiting for it to be available here in Naga, it finally arrived at the local record bars yesterday, Friday. It was worth it. Pretty much.

The songs are awesome, with a lot of soul and personality. Sarah Geronimo's influences for the album were evident, like Paramore's "The Only Exception" and Norah Jone's draggy-but-soulful style. So far, I'm loving every track off it, and in contrast to her previous albums, this one is definitely not tiresome to listen to. Though I'm used to hearing her belt out songs, this mellow album of hers really got me wanting to hear more of this side of her music.

The cover is extremely appropriate too:

She looks so beautiful! If I could meet her and talk to her for a whole day, I would gladly pack for Manila. She's influenced my music a lot, alongside Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce.

Listen to her music! You'll be enchanted. :)
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