How long would it be until I can ACTUALLY see Paris for myself?

I'm tired of just looking at photos of the Eiffel or the Louvre - I want to physically be there! There's so many things and places I could visit once I get there, but it seems to be taking sooo long until it happens.

I have no relatives stationed there, so an invite to the country is out of the possible means. Our sem-break is pretty short, so I can't go during the vacation either. Summer isn't going to be a free one this year since summer camp is coming up (and I might have to go somewhere else instead), so that's out of the question too. Money? Another one of my problems. Lodging? Another one. Pocket money? Not much of a dilemma, though if I did have money to spend, I first have to find money to get a ticket to France. Oh the pain!

Sigh. I guess I'll just have to keep hoping for the future... and reminding myself that someday, I'll be able to visit this dream of a country.

I bought this necklace in Oman, before coming back to the Philippines. It's a constant reminder of my dreams, that I should do everything I can to fulfill them. Until then, this necklace is the closest I'll ever get to Paris.

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