#160: Start of another Challenge!

Hey peeps! ‘Sup? LOL.

Forgive my weird greeting. Haha. I guess that’s what happens when you’re doing something you’re not supposed to be doing just yet. Anyway…

I’m ready to start a new blog challenge! And I’m doing this fo’ real. :) LOL! But seriously.

I was browsing through HeckYeah’s tumblr, and found a couple I wanted to do!

Here are the questions I’ll be answering in the next days:

Supreme Slacker’s Never Challenge

Day 1: Something you have never done but would really love to.
Day 2: Something you would never do, no matter what.
Day 3: A song / poem you know by heart and will never forget.
Day 4: Something you have never said but should or wanted to.
Day 5: A person you will never forget.
Day 6: A place you have never visited but want to visit.
Day 7: Something one should never say to another person (according to you).
Day 8: Something you have but never use.
Day 9: An advice you will never forget.
Day 10: Something you have never managed to learn (even though you tried).
Day 11: Something you would have never realized if somebody hadn’t enlightened you.
Day 12: A thought you would never say out loud.
Day 13: Something you would never discuss with your family.
Day 14: An object you will never throw away.
Day 15: Finish the sentence: I would have never thought that…

Yeah. I’m actually pretty excited to start this challenge for some reason. I guess it’s because I finally have a strict purpose, and not just crazy randomness whenever I want to post!


Good night! <3

#159: WIWW - 02.26.2012

WIWW means "What I Would Wear" if I had the clothes on the model. ;) Wishful thinking. Looklet has become no more than a styling site with a model, and unlike before, there are no longer users or profiles that one can look at to see his/her sense of fashion. I miss the old LOOKLET!

Anyway, since I haven't sorted out photos from this weekend's happenings, I have something else to show you guys. Haha.

WIWW 1 - For School

(Items: Monki hat, Topshop blouse, Bvlgari necklace, Twist&Tango belt, Ivana Helsinki shorts, 
Stine Goya bracelet, Malene Birger bracelet, Mulberry shoulderbag, Topshop boots; image from Looklet)

I really would wear this ensemble to school if I had these clothes. Haha. Attention grabber much? My favorite piece here is the belt from Twist&Tango. It just added spice to the whole outfit! :) The model's expression is priceless. :)

WIWW 2 - Summer Outing

(Items: Acne Hat, Lara Bohnic Earrings, Chanel Necklace, Killah Mini Dress,
Playwatch Watch, Longchamp Handbag, Paul Smith Heels

The weekend went by faster than I wanted it to! Darn! Haha! It's Monday again tomorrow, and I still have one homework undone! Gtg for now!

#158 Finally done!

I finally finished coloring in the scanned drawing! <3 The lines aren't perfect, but I just love it. :) I think I do have a future in this. Haha.

I haven't felt this satisfied since two weeks ago! :D Yeah! The next goal I have is to make smoother lines. Wish me luck! (Adobe Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5 Extended, Pen Tablet) This took me about 3 hours, including the drawing and coloring. :)

Good night people! Have a nice sleep! See you all tomorrow! O.o

#157: T.G.I.F.!

I don't really blog much on Friday mornings, but today I'll make an exception, even though nothing important really happened. Haha! I did the usual: going to school, attending my Biology Laboratory class, then texting my sundo to come pick me up. So why am I blogging? No reason, that's what! Perhaps I just missed this so much that even though I have nothing awesome to say, I just write whatever.

So yesterday, I started drawing clothes based on a palette I found on colourlovers.com (check it out!). It's called "Strawberry Mousse" and I kind of remembered the smoothie and frozen yoghurt I ate a few weeks back.
The palette looks like this: 
Doesn't it look good enough to eat?

Since I have classes, I only got to start the drawing, and it's not even a quarter done! :( I do hope to be posting it up soon though.

I still have a P.E. class (who the heck invented this subject!?) at 1pm, and oddly, I am quite excited for it. Maybe because I know about something awesome that's going to happen for our final exams. Something that doesn't require sweating much and getting the body overworked...

'Til later! <3

#156: A Lazy Morning

Do you know the feeling of being stressed out because you're late for school and because you have tests and projects to accomplish before the week ends? I MISS IT. Once something becomes a part of me, I find it hard to get it out of my system when I don't need it.

So far, this week has been very uneventful (aside from our ACP yesterday, which rocked by the way) since some of our teachers had to be somewhere else. So now, I have no purpose to rush in the morning and to make sure I have everything in my bag (which I normally do) before leaving. DO you guys know how much not being stressed out actually stresses me out? I can't even believe I'm saying this right now. Just a week ago I was begging to have more free time on my hands, but now that I do, I'm looking for things to do. Tsk. Why is it that we humans yearn for something and when we have what we want, we continue to yearn for more and sometimes, wish to go back to where we were before everything else.

Enough of that.

Recently, I've been wanting to design clothes and put them on models (illustrated of course). But then I figured I might not have the time for that just now. However, since I really, really want to do something new, I think I'll just search for pieces around the net and just mix and match them. It's like a fashion collage. Okay, it is a fashion collage. Gah. :)

Ayt. Be back in a while. Off to browse the net for awesome finds. :)

#155: "V-logging"

This afternoon was GREAT.

Not only did I get to meet a real fashion blogger, I also got some tips on blogging (obviously, since my topic was Blogging, right?) and a few inspirational story snippets along the way.

Vern Enciso was GREAT. :)

For those who were wondering who she is, check out her uber cool fashion blog here.

Oh, and I got a picture taken with her too! <3

Unfortunately though, my digicam is still under repair, so I had to endure the cam quality of my iPhone. Still, this is a minor downside to the highlights of the seminar. 

In the end, I realized that the reason for my losing the drive to blog is my disorganization. I have a blog, yes, but the topics I talk about are scattered - I have no single theme, I change blog skins every month or so, and when I say I'll do a series of posts, I find myself forgetting to follow-up on them. In short, I still lack the discipline I thought I already had. 

I also thought that curing writer's block would be easy, since there are a variety of prompts and "meme's" available all over the net. It turns out that even if a subject is forced on a blogger, but she doesn't have enough knowledge and passion to discuss it, it'll still be just plain writing. 

Readers, I encourage you all to check our her site (linked through the photo) and learn from her. :) And to think she's a normal college student as well! :)

#154: "Public Hair"

Oh, yeah. So, like, I've been away for more than a month already and still, this poor, neglected blog (which was supposed to be a part of my daily life) is alive and gaining followers and views! (Just had to get that fact out of my system!) Not that those two are important enough to keep me going - but knowing that there ARE real people visiting my blog is sooooo freakin' cool. :)

And there I was getting ahead of myself again. Tsk, tsk.

Ayt. So, what happened to me since I last posted on this blog? TOO MANY TO MENTION.

Here are the activities that happened during my sudden hiatus:

  1. Projects for Filipino class, which actually occupied most of January.
  2. Submission of all our projects and activities for Basic Sketching class (also occupied January).
  3. Pre-Final Exams (during Valentine's! O.o)
  4. Valentine's Day (LOL, as if I didn't get the chance to blog)
  5. Preparation for our Immersion
  6. The Immersion proper
  7. More projects for Filipino and other subjects.

Well, since I was able to mention MOST of my "busy-knots" Let's cross out the "too many to mention" part.

Anyway, back to earth.

You guys might notice that I'm still not myself today, and I doubt I'll be back in just a matter of days. You see, the whole Immersion experience was totally uncalled for. I meant that in a good way.
For those who have no idea what an "Immersion" is, it's a college requirement that lets freshmen go to a "poor" community for a few days (in our case, three) and try to experience another person - family's - life. In short, the outcome of the immersion is for students to be able to realize how lucky they are in life by putting on someone else's shoes. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
The Immersion helped open my eyes to a lot of things, and so, I'm going to be writing about it on a different blog post. :)

Gah. I still can't believe how I was able to neglect my blog for MORE THAN A MONTH! :( I really have poor discipline.

So why make "Public Hair" this post's title?

In our Psychology class this evening, one of our classmates reported a little bit on adolescence and some changes (mostly physical) that occur during this stage. She actually read pubic hair as "public hair", which prompted an uproar from the whole class. And that's it.

Oh, and by the way...


There. Happy as a kitty.

Tomorrow is our Alternative Class Program (ACP). I actually signed up for the class "Defining Creativity", but I was surprised to find that subject dissolved from the list of offerings. Being the typical expert blogger wannabe I am, I signed up for Blogging class. :) Tomorrow's going to be fun. ;)

And to make up for my absence, I drew this:

It's not much, but I can say it's a bit of a success, since I drew this before studying for the Pre-Final exams. :) Come to think of it, I should draw more for practice. (How genius can I get? XD)