I don't really blog much on Friday mornings, but today I'll make an exception, even though nothing important really happened. Haha! I did the usual: going to school, attending my Biology Laboratory class, then texting my sundo to come pick me up. So why am I blogging? No reason, that's what! Perhaps I just missed this so much that even though I have nothing awesome to say, I just write whatever.

So yesterday, I started drawing clothes based on a palette I found on colourlovers.com (check it out!). It's called "Strawberry Mousse" and I kind of remembered the smoothie and frozen yoghurt I ate a few weeks back.
The palette looks like this: 
Doesn't it look good enough to eat?

Since I have classes, I only got to start the drawing, and it's not even a quarter done! :( I do hope to be posting it up soon though.

I still have a P.E. class (who the heck invented this subject!?) at 1pm, and oddly, I am quite excited for it. Maybe because I know about something awesome that's going to happen for our final exams. Something that doesn't require sweating much and getting the body overworked...

'Til later! <3