#156: A Lazy Morning

Do you know the feeling of being stressed out because you're late for school and because you have tests and projects to accomplish before the week ends? I MISS IT. Once something becomes a part of me, I find it hard to get it out of my system when I don't need it.

So far, this week has been very uneventful (aside from our ACP yesterday, which rocked by the way) since some of our teachers had to be somewhere else. So now, I have no purpose to rush in the morning and to make sure I have everything in my bag (which I normally do) before leaving. DO you guys know how much not being stressed out actually stresses me out? I can't even believe I'm saying this right now. Just a week ago I was begging to have more free time on my hands, but now that I do, I'm looking for things to do. Tsk. Why is it that we humans yearn for something and when we have what we want, we continue to yearn for more and sometimes, wish to go back to where we were before everything else.

Enough of that.

Recently, I've been wanting to design clothes and put them on models (illustrated of course). But then I figured I might not have the time for that just now. However, since I really, really want to do something new, I think I'll just search for pieces around the net and just mix and match them. It's like a fashion collage. Okay, it is a fashion collage. Gah. :)

Ayt. Be back in a while. Off to browse the net for awesome finds. :)

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