This afternoon was GREAT.

Not only did I get to meet a real fashion blogger, I also got some tips on blogging (obviously, since my topic was Blogging, right?) and a few inspirational story snippets along the way.

Vern Enciso was GREAT. :)

For those who were wondering who she is, check out her uber cool fashion blog here.

Oh, and I got a picture taken with her too! <3

Unfortunately though, my digicam is still under repair, so I had to endure the cam quality of my iPhone. Still, this is a minor downside to the highlights of the seminar. 

In the end, I realized that the reason for my losing the drive to blog is my disorganization. I have a blog, yes, but the topics I talk about are scattered - I have no single theme, I change blog skins every month or so, and when I say I'll do a series of posts, I find myself forgetting to follow-up on them. In short, I still lack the discipline I thought I already had. 

I also thought that curing writer's block would be easy, since there are a variety of prompts and "meme's" available all over the net. It turns out that even if a subject is forced on a blogger, but she doesn't have enough knowledge and passion to discuss it, it'll still be just plain writing. 

Readers, I encourage you all to check our her site (linked through the photo) and learn from her. :) And to think she's a normal college student as well! :)