Beautiful, Useless Products

Designers owe it to the world to invent products for everyday use that are not only beautiful, but fully functional when needed. From architects to engineers, to illustrators and the like - we've been given the responsibility to make proper use of our talents. 

This is why when Athens-based architect Katerina Kamprani created "The Uncomfortable", it caused a major stir for anyone who was in her loop, and beyond it.

I first saw her creations a few years back, but didn't really mind it, and never took the time to mull over how genius everything was. So now, I've come back to make myself relive her work and bathe in its awesomeness. I hope you do too.

Easily one of my favorites. I don't think even the widest mouth can accommodate such a cup. I wonder what her process was for coming up with this design?

As a wine lover, this gets to me on so many levels. I'm not sure if I'm irked or amused that this looks so pretty but completely dysfunctional. With my not-so-steep nose though, I think this could work.

Next on the list is this frustratingly useless inflatable door handle with the keyhole right under it. If you ever get past turning the handle, you'll be even more pissed at trying to turn the key at the same time. Genius.

Another brilliant design, this time of a briki. Do I even need to talk you through this one? How brilliant is this?! Katerina is such an amazing architect with a brain to match. Here are some more of her designs:

To see more of her work, head over to The Uncomfortable and take a look at how insanely creative she is. I'm so glad we aren't using these exact products though. Ugh. Life would be so bad, haha!

My High-Energy Work Playlists

Try as I might to stay energized throughout the day, I sometimes get those bouts of boredom where I can't sit still and I just want to walk around and eat something cold. While my work doesn't prevent me from doing those things, our work load and deadlines often confine me to my seat, so I have to find a way to cure boredom without getting out of it often.

It's a good thing I'm a music lover. Listening to music has been a life-saver countless times, and it allows me to slowly get back to the grind without taking too much time.

If you're like me, you'd know how important it is to create a playlist either on Apple Music or Spotify (Want to know which service is better?) that totally gets you pumped up for the work ahead.

Note: I like to start slow, adding music with a great beat and general flow at the first part then gradually increasing the tempo towards the middle. Often though, I play it on shuffle, haha. Simply put, music which pumps me up isn't limited to just Pop and EDM. Enjoy the playlist! (I also have a similar playlist on Spotify, if you want to follow the list there.)

If you're more of a chill person who lives for "the vibes", here are two playlists I've created to listen to on those down, chill afternoon moods.

This playlist only has Swedish-born Ikson's tracks, and I love them. First discovered him through one of Marzia's videos and Youtube, and began discovering his other tracks from there.

My taste in music varies a lot. Depending on the beat and/or my current mood, I could love everything from Classical music to Rock. When I want to focus, I listen to some LANY, Ikson, Petit Biscuit, or look for a chill-hop playlist. When I want to focus more, I listen to some Baroque opera. 
What are your preferences when it comes to music? Do you have a work/study playlist that you want to share? Leave links in the comments so I can take a peek!

Also, if you like this type of content, please let me know and suggest other music playlists I should create. :)