#146: My Schedule for this sem!

Click to enlarge. :)

Compared to my previous schedule in the first sem, there's a lot of vacant times this semester, add to that the fact that I now have a night class! Should I be happy about that? Haha. I guess I should be. I have no Saturday classes now! It's a big relief since I want to go to my grandpa's place in the weekend. :)

Another thing I'm happy about is our 3-hour Basic Sketching class! LOL yeah. :)

Studying Digital Illustration and Animation in Ateneo is going to be AWESOME. :D

Note: Sorry I've been out of the loop this week! I'll make up for it this Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday? Heck. Haha. I'll post something random in the next days.

#145: Black and Whites!

I've uploaded the following drawings onto my art blog, but since I want to share it with you guys, here you go! Enjoy!

#144: Karaoke!

I really enjoyed working on this one! I was listening to Lim Leong Hee's song "Golden Lady", and guess what I came up with? Since the beat was so effing awesome, I drew a girl singing karaoke. I did one with a background, but since I know I SUCK at backgrounds, I posted the "clean" version. I need to earn how to draw backgrounds! This is so sad. Haha.

Have a great weekend people! :))

#143: Work In Progress

Sorry if I've been sort of absent these past few days! :) Been pretty busy with a lot of other distractions. Haha. Anyway, I've been trying to work with my Faber Castell watercolor pencils (though I've had them for almost a year now!), and so far, I'm liking the results. :)

here's my current work in progress:

As you can see, it's not perfect yet, but I hope to make a lot of progress in the next days. :) I'm still experimenting with the colors and how I can blend them.

I've also uploaded a finished product of another drawing in my art blog. Click here to see it.

Ciao! And thanks for stopping by!

Journal Monday: People I'm Thankful For

People have always said that the greatest factor which contributes to a person's happiness and sense of fulfillment comes not from material things or the surroundings, but from the people around him/her. My journal for today is about those people who have made me thankful to be alive.

In no particular order:

My brother, JP - He helps me see the beauty and fun in life at times when I don't see it anymore, like when my schedule is filled with school activities and other things. He gives me the sense of responsibility, and makes me feel useful to be around. :) I love my brother!

My mom and dad - What can I say? They made me who I am today, and I wouldn't be alive right now if it weren't for them. But other than that, the fact that they support me and love me with their lives is enough for me to be thankful to them. I hope to repay them one day, and let them feel how much I love them.

The Olivares family - They were our first friends in Oman and the church we found there, so the attachment of our families became pretty tight. They helped us in everything. I don't even know how to repay them for their kindness.

Ate Maira - She was the youth Bible Study leader of our church back in Oman, and her kind and encouraging words helped me believe in myself more and helped me strengthen my faith in God. Even though I let her down a couple of times, she never failed me, and that's something I really, really am thankful for.

Lola Iye - I've never been able to bond with her, but with her encouragement and support for my family makes her one of the people I cherish the most. Distance is no reason for 'family'. I pray that soon, we'll be able to see each other!

Lola Remy - Like my lola Iye, I haven't been able to see her personally, but whenever we get to chat on Facebook, it seems like we've been close for years. She gives me words of encouragement and also seeks God's guidance in all things.

Ate Ganda - My soul sister! :) How can I not be thankful for the person who showered me with verbal blessings and who shared my opinion on things that matter to the both of us? She made me think about how I could be a better person, and she supported my God-given talents. :)

Aunty Itas - She gives us support through finances, encouragement and other things, and helps lolo get by everyday at home in San Jose. On a personal basis, she has helped me with school fees and has been supporting my chosen course from day one. Thank you po!

I know I'm forgetting a lot of people, but my minds still seems to be focused on the exams we had and are going to have in the next few days. :) But I'll get by, I promise.

#142: Love

This is turning out to be the weirdest, craziest week of my life.

Not only is our sem break over -- but I'm getting a sort of... feeling I'm not really used to... explaining..


Why should I explain? I can't put it into words. However, I stayed up last night to do this. :) Hahaha. I'm just so crazed. I want to be with people right now. Like, people I like. GAH. This is the worst grammatical post I've ever done. Haha.

Image Tuesday: Sunlit Stone Structure

Prompt: Oct. 11, 2011
sunlit stone structure

As the sun seeps through the stained glass windows, a princess, up in the highest tower of the castle, sees not the beauty of its light - instead she sees the last hours of her freedom disappear. Oh how difficult it is to be royalty! 

Yes, all the grandeur, the magnificence, the beauty of material things are hers but alas -- freedom is nothing more than a dream. Since birth 'til her dying day, the princess is bound to a higher authority, to a responsibility that dictates who she is and who she must be to the people in the kingdom. Kitchen maids and commoners fare better, for their freedom is within grasp and there are no rules that keep them from being happy. 

Goodbye, for I am soon to be thrown into the prison of arranged marriage. Goodbye, lovely doves, for no longer will I be able to appreciate the sweet music of your wings flapping by and by against my window every morning. Goodbye, freedom. I will never find the key to your door.

Journal Monday: I make _____ very good.

Fill in the blank and elaborate on: I make _____ very good.

My answer: I make the word 'fat' sound very good.

Not to brag, but a lot of the things people say that those with extra weight can't do is no biggie for me at all. Well, for starters, I can swim very well, I can play sports (like badminton and basketball) as well as a thin person can, I can run up and down the stairs longer than average without tiring up easily, I can be a great pillow (hey, I'm not that fat but I've got extra baggage too) and comforter, and of course, I have a lot of talents that could shame the people joining contests on TV these days.

All the good qualities that people expect from the lean folks are also present in me, and I'm surely not the only one blessed to have these things. I'm certain a lot more people like me are just as talented.

Break: I know I'm sounding like a self-obsessed freak right now, but this prompt demands facts and I'm more than ready to disclose them. Haha. Sorry for sounding so boastful (just give me this one post and I promise I won't blog like this anymore!).

#141: FINALS! :/

This past week has been a BLAST, in more ways than one.

It has been great because my prayers of being exempted from the Philippine History final exams have been answered - exempted na ako! It's a great feeling to finally reap the fruits of harvest. Praise God for His guidance and wisdom! :)

Also, It's been a blast because some of the lessons I've had were not as clear as I hoped it would be. But no matter - I've made up my mind to do some self-studying over the weekend, so I assume it won't be a burden.

Next week is Final Examinations Week, and all of us (my classmates) can feel the tension and the nearing end of the first semester. I am excited, though a bit regretful that I might not be able to spend the next sem with all of my block mates. We were told of a jumble in the sectioning, but I just PRAY that they change the plan and let us have another semester together. :)

Since I have only 5 more subjects left to review for, my schedule is pretty loose. It means more leisure time, and more fun. :D Hahaha.

I guess that's it.
Good night!

Image Tuesday: A Doll's Love

Prompt: Oct. 4, 2011
doll on a bike in a doorway

I wait outside the doors, listening to a conversation he should be having with me. He tells you, "I love you. You have always been been beside me - a constant companion." Tears form in the corner of my eye but alas, my short, limp arms cannot brush them aside. Have I not been a companion to you as well? I have been with your lady love as long as she has been with you - yet you see me not. 

My eyes blur and my mind goes blank at her reply of "yes", words that are of positive meaning to both of you but which imply heartache to me. But who am I kidding? No one thinks I can feel anything, for I am merely a doll. A doll seen only as an object to be played with or worse, displayed for all to admire but not love.

Why must you leave me in the cold like this? Am I not of value enough to be with you and your love inside this house of wonders? You did not even let me into the warmth of your bag for rest and comfort, yet I know your answer even before you utter the words.

I am a doll, and nothing more, sitting just outside your door. 

Journal Monday: Blood

Journal about your reaction to blood. Your first reaction to blood in the movies or on TV as well as your experience with blood in real life.

When I was a kid, I had been very, very disgusted (terrified even) of smelling and seeing blood physically, though I myself have bled due to wounds I got from being too hyper. Well, I guess it's not surprising much that now, I don't care if I see blood anywhere. Not unless it's from someone diseased but let's not get off track here.

Anyway, since I've feared blood before because I always associated it with death, demons, vampires, and other monsters, I thought of a "cure" to this fact. How, you may ask? By watching movies with extra gore (like SAW and others) and studying more about the monsters I dread. Zombies used to sicken me, because they are often portrayed eating the human flesh and bathing in blood, but since 5 years ago, images like those don't disturb me as much. I actually become fascinated. 

As for blood in movies, the fact that it looks so real intrigues me. I amuse myself by watching behind the scenes of horror movies and how they apply make-up to the characters that require bloodied faces and stuff. It's really very interesting and it inspires me more than drinking hot chocolate in the morning. For some reason, I get to write great stories after watching or reading something frightening with more skill than I normally would.

Blood in real life? I don't think I've bled enough to make an interesting story about it, but as I said, blood doesn't really bother me anymore. I've grown so used to seeing it that it seems normal for me. Creepy right? But don't let me scare you.

Of course, blood is something we all need to stay alive, so make sure it stays inside your body at all costs. Don't freak out when you get a minor cut or prick yourself with a needle. These are harmless and can be quickly aided to. Just don't try hacking your arm off though. That would be really messy. ;)