Prompt: Oct. 4, 2011
doll on a bike in a doorway

I wait outside the doors, listening to a conversation he should be having with me. He tells you, "I love you. You have always been been beside me - a constant companion." Tears form in the corner of my eye but alas, my short, limp arms cannot brush them aside. Have I not been a companion to you as well? I have been with your lady love as long as she has been with you - yet you see me not. 

My eyes blur and my mind goes blank at her reply of "yes", words that are of positive meaning to both of you but which imply heartache to me. But who am I kidding? No one thinks I can feel anything, for I am merely a doll. A doll seen only as an object to be played with or worse, displayed for all to admire but not love.

Why must you leave me in the cold like this? Am I not of value enough to be with you and your love inside this house of wonders? You did not even let me into the warmth of your bag for rest and comfort, yet I know your answer even before you utter the words.

I am a doll, and nothing more, sitting just outside your door.