#141: FINALS! :/

This past week has been a BLAST, in more ways than one.

It has been great because my prayers of being exempted from the Philippine History final exams have been answered - exempted na ako! It's a great feeling to finally reap the fruits of harvest. Praise God for His guidance and wisdom! :)

Also, It's been a blast because some of the lessons I've had were not as clear as I hoped it would be. But no matter - I've made up my mind to do some self-studying over the weekend, so I assume it won't be a burden.

Next week is Final Examinations Week, and all of us (my classmates) can feel the tension and the nearing end of the first semester. I am excited, though a bit regretful that I might not be able to spend the next sem with all of my block mates. We were told of a jumble in the sectioning, but I just PRAY that they change the plan and let us have another semester together. :)

Since I have only 5 more subjects left to review for, my schedule is pretty loose. It means more leisure time, and more fun. :D Hahaha.

I guess that's it.
Good night!

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