Fill in the blank and elaborate on: I make _____ very good.

My answer: I make the word 'fat' sound very good.

Not to brag, but a lot of the things people say that those with extra weight can't do is no biggie for me at all. Well, for starters, I can swim very well, I can play sports (like badminton and basketball) as well as a thin person can, I can run up and down the stairs longer than average without tiring up easily, I can be a great pillow (hey, I'm not that fat but I've got extra baggage too) and comforter, and of course, I have a lot of talents that could shame the people joining contests on TV these days.

All the good qualities that people expect from the lean folks are also present in me, and I'm surely not the only one blessed to have these things. I'm certain a lot more people like me are just as talented.

Break: I know I'm sounding like a self-obsessed freak right now, but this prompt demands facts and I'm more than ready to disclose them. Haha. Sorry for sounding so boastful (just give me this one post and I promise I won't blog like this anymore!).