Prompt: Oct. 11, 2011
sunlit stone structure

As the sun seeps through the stained glass windows, a princess, up in the highest tower of the castle, sees not the beauty of its light - instead she sees the last hours of her freedom disappear. Oh how difficult it is to be royalty! 

Yes, all the grandeur, the magnificence, the beauty of material things are hers but alas -- freedom is nothing more than a dream. Since birth 'til her dying day, the princess is bound to a higher authority, to a responsibility that dictates who she is and who she must be to the people in the kingdom. Kitchen maids and commoners fare better, for their freedom is within grasp and there are no rules that keep them from being happy. 

Goodbye, for I am soon to be thrown into the prison of arranged marriage. Goodbye, lovely doves, for no longer will I be able to appreciate the sweet music of your wings flapping by and by against my window every morning. Goodbye, freedom. I will never find the key to your door.