Journal about your reaction to blood. Your first reaction to blood in the movies or on TV as well as your experience with blood in real life.

When I was a kid, I had been very, very disgusted (terrified even) of smelling and seeing blood physically, though I myself have bled due to wounds I got from being too hyper. Well, I guess it's not surprising much that now, I don't care if I see blood anywhere. Not unless it's from someone diseased but let's not get off track here.

Anyway, since I've feared blood before because I always associated it with death, demons, vampires, and other monsters, I thought of a "cure" to this fact. How, you may ask? By watching movies with extra gore (like SAW and others) and studying more about the monsters I dread. Zombies used to sicken me, because they are often portrayed eating the human flesh and bathing in blood, but since 5 years ago, images like those don't disturb me as much. I actually become fascinated. 

As for blood in movies, the fact that it looks so real intrigues me. I amuse myself by watching behind the scenes of horror movies and how they apply make-up to the characters that require bloodied faces and stuff. It's really very interesting and it inspires me more than drinking hot chocolate in the morning. For some reason, I get to write great stories after watching or reading something frightening with more skill than I normally would.

Blood in real life? I don't think I've bled enough to make an interesting story about it, but as I said, blood doesn't really bother me anymore. I've grown so used to seeing it that it seems normal for me. Creepy right? But don't let me scare you.

Of course, blood is something we all need to stay alive, so make sure it stays inside your body at all costs. Don't freak out when you get a minor cut or prick yourself with a needle. These are harmless and can be quickly aided to. Just don't try hacking your arm off though. That would be really messy. ;)