What can I associate with the word "Tissues"?

Funny - I can think of a few words that are not quite related. Here are a few: pencil, marker, mummy, bathroom, Christmas, joke, comfort, art, etc. 

Tissues are actually "glorious" things that are very handy to have around often. For example, whenever my brother spills something on the floor, I immediately think: "Get tissues" while others probably want to get a mop or something of the sort. 

Another example would be when I draw on my sketchbook and need something to smudge a portion of it. I grab a tissue and not an ear bud. I know ear buds are better at smudging smaller portions, but if you're me and you normally want to smudge a BIGGER part of the drawing, tissues are there to save the day.

Another use for tissues, aside from it's importance in the bathroom, is for writing down notes when you have no paper available. My friends and I did that the other day, when we ate at McDonald's after P.E. class. We wanted to make the memory of our eating out a little more memorable, so we took out our ink pens and started writing random stuff on the tissues. We even wrote a letter to anyone who would see the tissue.

Now, I don't really know why I came up with the word Christmas after "tissue". Perhaps, now that I think about it, I remember the snow and the cheerful "White Christmas" my favorite Christmas songs sing about. I'm still waiting for the day I get to see real snow and experience making snow angels on it!

How about you? What do you think of when you hear the word "Tissues"?