WIWW means "What I Would Wear" if I had the clothes on the model. ;) Wishful thinking. Looklet has become no more than a styling site with a model, and unlike before, there are no longer users or profiles that one can look at to see his/her sense of fashion. I miss the old LOOKLET!

Anyway, since I haven't sorted out photos from this weekend's happenings, I have something else to show you guys. Haha.

WIWW 1 - For School

(Items: Monki hat, Topshop blouse, Bvlgari necklace, Twist&Tango belt, Ivana Helsinki shorts, 
Stine Goya bracelet, Malene Birger bracelet, Mulberry shoulderbag, Topshop boots; image from Looklet)

I really would wear this ensemble to school if I had these clothes. Haha. Attention grabber much? My favorite piece here is the belt from Twist&Tango. It just added spice to the whole outfit! :) The model's expression is priceless. :)

WIWW 2 - Summer Outing

(Items: Acne Hat, Lara Bohnic Earrings, Chanel Necklace, Killah Mini Dress,
Playwatch Watch, Longchamp Handbag, Paul Smith Heels

The weekend went by faster than I wanted it to! Darn! Haha! It's Monday again tomorrow, and I still have one homework undone! Gtg for now!