Last Saturday, my group mates and I started "shooting" for our stop-motion school project, after an overnight activity at our place. We "shot" a few scenes... not. Well, we were going to, but we weren't really finished with the props and characters yet, so we had to put things to a halt. Here's a few photos of our characters:

From left to right: Unnamed girl, "Kiko" and "Tapa" (a name for a type of cooked meat here in the Philippines, which is very delicious). Yes, they're still eyeless.

A group mate added little clay chickens for decorations in the set, and decided to let me keep them for a while (har-har).

There's still pretty much to do, and we're slowly running out of time, patience, and energy, though we all don't want to admit it to one another. I actually blew my head off over a little miscommunication, and I am now regretting ever doing it. *Sigh. I really don't work well under too much pressure.

More things to talk about tomorrow! I'll be posting a movie review!!! Yayy!

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