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First off, I just have to say how biased I'm gonna be with this review (sorry!) - all because of the ever lovely Lily Collins! I loved her in Mirror Mirror, and she looked really cute in Abduction and Priest as well. Who wouldn't love her? Haha.

Okay, so this morning, at around 11:45, my brother and I watched The Mortal Instruments at the cinemas, after tossing The Conjuring out the window (not that I didn't want to watch it though). Since we arrived a few minutes after the movie started, we didn't have to wait to get our tickets since there was no line anymore, and we ran to our seats when we got inside (ahh, the glory of seeing everything so clearly). We were at the front rows (perhaps a 10-15 rows from the first one) and we had to literally almost lie down on the chairs to get a good view. Serves us right for being a little late!

If you still haven't watched the movie, WATCH IT. Please. It's worth the time and money.

The Plot In General
The story involves Carly (Lily Collins), a young girl raised into a normal life with her mother, who is taken by the enemy. Carly later finds out she is a Shadow Hunter through JC (Jamie Campbell Bower), a *hot* Shadow Hunter who stays with her until the very end. He tells her that she holds the secret to the rest of the Shadow Hunters' survival.

I just LOVE how they did the effects. It wasn't perfect (although it would be if you were too distracted with the chemistry of Lily and Jamie), but the quality was definitely there. I loved how they used the lighting for the runes and the portal. It was overwhelming, especially for me seated at the front, and the sound director did an awesome job too. Oh, and another reason why I'm biased - DEMI LOVATO sang one of the movie's OST songs. *__* Sigh.

Other Observations
What else can I say? I love the casting, the sound design, the cinematography, and the plot. The script wasn't all that striking, but even so, I found it really easy - none of the typical cheesy stuff.
It's hard being biased about certain elements in the movie, since all I can say is the good stuff about it. I tried looking for major flaws throughout the film, but I found nothing too horrible. I really, really enjoyed the movie. Heck, if it was free, I'd watch it over, and over, and over again.

My Movie Rating:

Surprise! Haha. As expected, I've rated this movie a full five-star. A lot of things were right in this movie, and I've been waiting for it for months before. Of course I've anticipated it's gloriousness. If you still haven't watched it, I'm telling you, IT IS WORTH IT. Even if you're not a fan of any of the celebrities starring, it's still a great film.

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