What would you do if you found out that the very people you trusted were in fact just putting on a show, fronting disguises to raise a false sense of security, living for the single purpose of misleading you? You ask yourself, why would they do that? What did you do to deserve deception?

Imagine yourself waking up one morning to find that everything about your life has been an intricately spun web of lies. You see everything, but you know nothing about it. You see the superficial - the physical - and are blinded by the aesthetics that have been lifted to a higher form of judgement.

Is the coffee you are drinking really what it says it is? How can you know for sure that coffee actually tastes like the coffee we've always known? What if the ancient people decided to play a little joke and make us believe that this is real coffee? How can we trace our roots for the ultimate truth, if even the truth has been distorted to a great extent?

What defines identity? Is it how people see you? Is it how you see yourself? Or is it how you present yourself to others and make an impression? Is it about the choices you make or about the people you hang around with? Is it about what you say or about what sort of books you read? Is it in your DNA? Is it even the fingerprints you leave - traces - whenever you take hold of something, even for a mere second?

Is identity actually about yourself alone, or is there a pattern, where no identity in itself is unique? If all is unique, then nothing truly is. What if identity is something others thrust upon you, regardless of whether it's the truth or not, but which you ultimately come to accept due to it being a common thought-of description of you? People give labels, yet none of these can singularly define you.

You long for a companion - we all do. Yet how do you choose? How can you truly know someone is who they say they are? It's not in the amount of time you spend with each other. It's not even the interests you both so fatefully like. How can you be sure that the person you wake up beside everyday is not a thief, or a serial killer? Has anyone ever actually let go of who they really are? Have you?

Have you ever tried pretending to be someone else for a day? How did it feel like? Have you ever wished to be in the shoes of someone else so badly that there are times where you think that person is you? Have you ever had that sudden thought that maybe, you and a neighbour have switched identities accidentally?

How can you explain anything while you're asleep? How do you know that anyone is the same person after they leave your sight for a moment? How do you get by without being struck by paranoia each day, even though you may be fully aware that somewhere, an identity is being replaced, transferred to another individual without them even knowing? How do you grasp the concept of change if you realize that that change could bring a different person?

How are you certain that I am the owner of this blog? Are you certain that I haven't killed anyone to get this little portion of cyberspace? How can anyone be sure? Can you?


Note: I guess it's just one of those "deep-thinking" days for me. Hahaha. It fitted well with the theme of today's challenge, and the almost-gloomy weather we have today. Should I post more of this stuff, or was this post just plain BORING? 

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