Hey, how's it going?

The last three days were EXTREMELY hectic and exhausting. For one, we had our Recollection last Thursday.

Let me fill you in briefly.

So last Thursday, a few classmates and I had our yearly recollection (or a form of spiritual whole-day retreat) at the Arrupe Retreat Center at school. It's one of those requirements which I both like and try to avoid at the same time - not that I can, really. You see, recollections are okay if you're a Catholic. I'm not, and sometimes, I can't really relate with what the facilitator is saying.

Anyway, I arrived at school at around 7:15am (pretty early, hahaha), thinking that the doors might close at 7:30 am sharp and I'd have to file for rescheduling. Well, I was wrong. We were let in by the caretakers at 8am and we waited for an hour for the facilitator. She said her apologies and that the original facilitator was sick, so yeah. There was nothing we could do anyway.

I had fun during the small sessions and the video showing times (of course), and we were fortunately given an hour and a half to rest or sleep. The Intramurals ended just the day before, so the facilitator allowed us to rest.

One activity I liked the most was the part where we were given some verses and were asked to do a journal about what we read. Thank goodness I brought my personal journal along! I missed writing in it! :)

I've been writing journals for years now, and this is (i think) my third or fourth journal, where I mostly write my observations of life for the day, verses that I remembered, or ideas which I think need to be written to be remembered. It's a bonus if I get to buy one with a cute cover!

I chose the passage from Matthew 6:25-34, which talks about worrying and how God responds to this everyday. This was a treat, since I'm pretty much an intense worrier. If I have an exam tomorrow, my stomach just eats itself in anxiousness. If I signed up for an audition a week from now, my stomach would do the same rounds. It hasn't changed at all since high school! I worry, my insides want to hurl.

I have deeper worries too, like how I'll provide for my family in the future, how and if I'll be able to give my parents a great life during their old age, or even how my brother's future will hold out. I worry too much. Thankfully, I found comfort in the verses I mentioned above (click here to read the verses).

I missed writing in a journal, and I want to get back on track. With so many projects to do for school, I'm finding it hard to find time to do my devotions or "quiet times". I need to get my priorities straight. :)

Until tomorrow!
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