I have successfully found another old artwork of mine!

I submitted her for an exercise at school, and she was supposed to be a little more bare at the front. Our teacher saw it during his "rounds" and teased me for being into those type of "things". Hahahaha. I gotta tell you, he sort of got to me, so I just covered it up. Meh. I should've stuck to my original design, but it's too late to change it. Here's my version of a future bond girl.

I did the lines in Paint Tool SAI and coloured it up in Photoshop. I like how the lines in SAI come out smoother and easier than the latter. I would've done the whole thing in SAI if we were allowed to colour outside Photoshop.

Now that I think about it, it seems pretty weird as a costume. For one, I don't think a batman-like cape would help while she fights the bad guys. She might even get caught in some gate and get killed by the enemy right? The golden gun doesn't help either. It looks more like a "fashion bling" than a weapon. Heck, even a lipstick looks more menacing from this angle. The shoes are also just as horrible. Who'd wear those kind of boots? If I was a court jester, I'd step into them anytime - but an agent? It's too damn flashy.

I guess I can't really call her a future bond girl, because her outfit alone crosses this young woman out of the list. She could be... a Sci-Fi chic dressed to laugh the life out of you. Oh, the hilarity.

As if I haven't embarrassed myself enough, I shall still look for old artworks/files that might be of entertainment to you, oh reader. :) More to come!