Hey ya'll!

I just got back from school, and I'll tell you, the floods still haven't friggin' been resolved yet. I posted about this situation a few months ago, regarding the floods the previous year at the same place. (Click here to go to the other flood post.) It's a little diappointing that more than a year has passed and the floods are still great. I would understand if it's not as much as the previous years but come on! They've had all of last year and all of summer to fix this.

If it weren't for the fact that floods can suspend classes, I'd be fuming. Sigh.

Here's what's happening at school right now (or more accurately, an hour ago):

Thank goodness I remembered to bring my other phone with me today, hence the blurry-but-alright photos. :) I really should bring this phone more often, since everyday at school is an interesting one.

One problem I see as the cause of this flood is blockage in the sewer due to garbage and the lack of proper waste disposal. There are heaps of plastics lying around, and when they shoot into the drainage, they cause walls. Walls prevent anything from passing through, resulting to floods. It's either these two or we are really doomed to suffer floods until we graduate - and that's just my time span at school. How about the rest?

I really hope everything is resolved.

Thank God today was a non-uniform day.
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