Hello again! :)

I've been on this insanely long vacation from school. It's the College Intramurals at Ateneo de Naga, and classes have been called off for the students of each college to participate and cheer for the players and participants. Um, I have been sort of not there this past few days. Teehee.

What? Why are you giving me that look? I deserve a break too, and besides, when classes go back to normal next week, it's back to sleepless nights and caffeine overload for me! (I don't sound too defensive, right? Good.)

Honestly, it's been a pretty good week so far. After a few Sundays of not being able to go to church, I finally went again tonight. Everything felt weirdly new though, but apart from that, nothing really interesting went on today... except for me hanging out with my camera again.

I rarely get to dress up and have my picture taken these days, so I took the opportunity to snap a few when we got home from church.

Since my dad bought this Zara top for me during his vacation here in the Philippines, this has been my favorite formal-and-not-so-formal wear. It's cloth is extremely soft and light (i feel like I'm barely wearing anything with this on), and you have the option of tying the sleeve up or leaving it down, depending on the weather. The color is also pretty awesome, next to my other favorite, pink. (Yes, my earrings and the necklace don't match. Hahaha. It was one of those random days for me.)

My brother was sitting at the opposite side of my table and so I took a photo of him too. He rarely, rarely smiles, and when he does, he grumbles for minutes afterwards. I wonder why?

He knew I was taking a picture of him, and pulled off this - what IS this - poker face. He looks more like a hawk eyeing the enemy (sshh, don't tell). He joined their school's Intramurals too, as their year level representative for the Mr. and Ms. Intramurals competition. He didn't win the title, though he did get an award for "Best In Production Number". Good enough for his statue-like attitude. Haha. He'll change. Hopefully.

Since my last post, other things have happened, one the saddest of them all.

My desktop monitor barred down! *sobs hysterically*

After less than a year, it surprisingly stopped displaying the desktop. I searched for reasons, but most of them said that the quality might not have been good in the first place and that perhaps its lifespan was short, but that was impossible. I mean, it was a 21" Samsung flat screen monitor. It wasn't overused either. I made sure to let it rest if I ever used it for extended hours (past my bedtime, specifically) and use my laptop instead while it cooled down. I made sure it was constantly free of viruses and I also cleaned its memory weekly. How could it have died down?

A family friend and I took the monitor back to where I had bought it and (thankfully), they agreed to have it checked despite my inability to produce a receipt (forgetful old me). They made one thing clear though, that if the problem was about the hardware, the warranty wouldn't shoulder it. Well then, here's to hoping.

But one month without it? I've gotten so used to the large LCD for browsing the net, editing school projects and watching movies that it's taking me longer than usual to adjust to the laptop screen. The laptop is exceedingly slower than the PC too, which is making me miss it even more. Any solutions? I've cleared about 60% of the it's memory, but it still isn't as fast as the desktop. You think it has anything to do with a virus? I hope not.

Tomorrow's my mom's 53rd birthday, but she's still working. I've tried talking her into taking a vacation (just for tomorrow), but she just doesn't want to. How do I make her birthday special without spending too much and without her knowing about it? Darnit. If only I had enough money to send her on a day's worth of beauty treatments for relaxation. I'd cook too, though I'd probably burn the pot down before I even start doing anything. I want to see her relaxed even for just one day, but she argues about who'd fill in for her and that she needs to be at work tomorrow. It's pretty weird, since mom partially owns the clinic and she shouldn't be working her body off everyday. *Sigh

I guess I have to end it here for now. I think my brain's starting to fry.

Bonne Nuit. :)
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