Another DML. It's been a long, long while since my last travel/travel post. For the first-timers on my blog, DML is "Down Memory Lane", something I came up with to label late travel posts.

This time, we went to Donsol.

It's the very first time I ever went to this place (a tourist attraction) and it was super fun. (Okay, how do I start telling you everything that happened?)

My aunt from Germany arrived in Bicol on the morning of January 11. She and my mom went off to do business-related things while we stayed at home like most regular Saturdays. Since she just arrived that day, we weren't expecting her to tell us to pack our bags and get ready for a trip to a resort. But she did.

I was ecstatic. Who wouldn't want to get away during the weekend?! I wanted a break, with deadlines on all sides, and I'm sure mom wanted one too. I didn't want to go at first, but... it would've been a shame to not go. I would've regretted it.

So we hired a taxi(cab)/van for those 2 days we were out of town, and the road trip was great. My jam played on the radio, there was food in the car, and the weather was good enough to feel excited.

It was night when we arrived at the Siramsana resort so we couldn't go to the beach, but we did have dinner instead.

We brought our pocket wi-fi device so we had access to fast internet, which we used to call up dad and tempt him with the food we were enjoying. I miss my dad! Good thing he'll be here with us within a month.

After dinner, my brother and I walked around the other areas, but it was too dark t actually take good photos (I ain't used to shooting during the night, so...). We played a bit of hockey on brother's tab but we were called into our rooms after a little while.

The morning after, I had my chance to take clearer photos of our surroundings. We woke up to the sound of the ocean waves on the shore, the sound of roosters crowing, and sweepers cleaning the grounds. It felt like we were in another world.

Now this is where it gets exciting. You see, the resorts there were beside one another, so if you passed through the beach, you could enter another resort, then enter the next one. It was like a bridge to all the resorts in the area.

We had breakfast in the next resort.

We ordered a simple breakfast since during lunch, we were *secretly* hoping for a feast. Haha. We got our feast, by the way, so yeah.

We circled/toured the rest of the sights in the area and saw a large figure of the Whale Shark, the main attraction in Donsol. Locally, it's known as "Butanding", and tourists come here often to dive and see it in its natural habitat. I wanted to experience it, but my companions weren't too excited to do that. Only 2 of us knew how to actually swim so the rest would've become bored on the boat.

Vitton Beach Resort was directly beside the one we stayed at. The price for each room/family suite made us wonder why we didn't choose this one in the first place. Perhaps when we go back to Donsol, we could go here.

Basically, all we did was travel for more than 5 hours to Donsol, stayed there overnight and took off at around 8am back to Naga, with a few stops along the way. It was insane. This just proves to me how unplanned trips are usually the best ones.

I took a lot of photos, but here are a few more of our getaway.

I wish I could spend a whole month in that place! Ugh! Dad isn't much for trips like these, but maybe I could... flatter my way into this month of paradise? Haha. Here's to hoping! ;) Although just being with my whole family is enough of a getaway than Donsol would ever be.

This weekend with my aunt proved to be the craziest weekend I've ever had. Two more posts to come!

P.S. So tomorrow is March. WOW! I am so excited for this month for two reasons: one, school will officially be over (for this school year at least) and I'll have a LOT of free time for commissions and self-studies; and two, dad will be home by the 26th! Gah! Can't wait!

Happy weekend!