Hey there!

So it's me again, about to relate the happenings of my life. Other than the obvious, I'm currently working on a lot of school projects/exams/papers to be passed either by Friday this week or by Thursday next week. As my classmate said earlier, we no longer have the right to take a breather. Once a task is done, another gets thrown at our faces.

Life, right? To make matters worse, the radio station I'm tuned in to is playing "Bluer than Blue" at the moment. I like the station however, so I'm not turning it off until I go to bed. I'm back to being an owl again; I'm the only one awake at our compound right now. Geez.

The only thing that's driving me right now is the fact that in less than two months, I am officially done with being a college junior! A lot of things are going to happen in the next few weeks, and with dad spending the summer with us, my urgency to finish everything at once has tripled.

A list of the things I have to submit/finish by next week:
(in no order)

  • Valentine's Day Animation (project)
  • Alpha version of my storybook app (Pre-Finals / Programming class)
  • Matryoshka dolls (project for Politics class)
  • The multitude of exercises 4-7 (Non-linear class)
  • Research paper/Reflection (Philosophy class)
  • Self-shot video for Match Moving exercise (Non-linear)

So far, the only task I've started is the Valentine's Animation (greeting), and it's not even at least 10% of the whole thing! (T___T) I could basically CRY. Here's a few shots of the pre-rendered frames so far:

Meet Popo! (I just randomly made up a name for her, actually :/) I was playing around Maya earlier, and sort of came up with this textured, Hershey's kisses-shaped, blob. :) Originally, this was going to be my character for the Valentine's Greeting, but changed it after a few minutes.

Another test render, this time from the official greeting animation set. It's incredibly bare, but I'll be filling it up with things related to Valentine's Day. Call it a sort of "garage" if you want to. Something magical will be placed on the table. ;) Weeee.

Gloomy Valentine? I don't think so. Though the scene may look pretty eerie or depressing, it'll get a major turn near the end of everything. I only got as far as animating her walking to the doors before I got tired and bored. As my teachers always say, if you're getting frustrated with what you're doing, take a break and go to sleep (or do something else). Blogging is the "something else" I'm doing right now, though.

Classes tomorrow will be a drag. It often gets boring when we enter Philosophy class, mainly because our teacher's voice (female) is so soft you'd be sinning not to doze off. 

Let's just leave it at that. 

Good mor-night!