No matter how awesome your content may be, it's usually the aesthetics that really make your readers feel safe and comfortable on your website. Give them something too plain and they'll find your site boring. Give them something literally popping out of the screen and they'll be clicking out of your tab as soon as you can say 'sorry'.

I've struggled with my blog's look for years, and I can never quite get what I actually wanted. I didn't have enough time in the past year to actually code my own theme, so I looked to online sites to find the perfect one. Recently, Etsy has been looking out for me. While I do believe you don't necessarily have to pay for a good theme, I find paid themes do most of the work for me, unlike most free ones.

Here are 6 awesome templates from Etsy that will give your site the 'punch' and help capture your readers for longer periods of time.

Blogger Themes

1. Kell 

This is a truly beautiful theme. If you have a blog that relies on photos, you'd definitely want to pick this one up. It's clean, chic, and very nicely done. I'd buy this right now if I just hadn't purchased another one a few days back, haha.

Go to the Etsy Page here.

It's priced at Php 265.96 (it's currently on SALE), and it's a very small price to pay for such an amazing theme. Grab it while you can!

2. Esmée

Another really clean layout by the same creator of Kell (above), this blog theme makes your blog look updated and fashionable. It's easy on the eyes and brings emphasis to your content and photos.

Go to the Etsy page here.

Also priced at Php 265.96, this theme is a catch. Has a lovely post slide feature under the header, perfect if you want to show your popular posts or feature a category.

3. Groovy Fashion Magazine

If you'd rather have your blog look like a magazine, I highly suggest Groovy, a theme that allows people to see more content and feel like they're in a fashion news site.

Go the Etsy page here.

For the price of Php 1,063.83, you could say you'll have to purchase the theme with a specific purpose. If you really want your blog to look like a magazine, this is a nice theme to do it with. If you aren't sure, I'd suggest you continue looking through the rest of the themes listed.

Wordpress Themes

4. Wanderlust

This Wordpress theme has a lot going for it. Has a lot of features, widgets, and custom areas to help you achieve what you want to for your chic blog. This theme won't work for everybody, and most of the people I've seen use this are either moms, independent women bosses, and bloggers who offer design resources.

Go to the Etsy page here.

It's priced at Php 1,861.70, so again, only buy this theme if it's exactly what you want your blog to look like. It's a bit on the pricey side, so unless you're totally in-love with it, don't purchase it. One of its best features is that it takes over your entire screen. The downside? It can shift your focus from one to the other in a snap.

5. Hello Gorgeous

There's a reason it's the most expensive theme on this list, but once you see what it can do for you, the money would no longer be an issue. Tagged the "everything theme", it can help you setup your blog for any purpose you want, whether for a food blog, a news blog, a portfolio site - anything.

Go to the Etsy page here.

Are you sitting down? This theme is being sold for Php 3,457.45, and before you throw expletives at me, know that it isn't an easy task to create a generic theme this beautiful. You'd understand why it's priced so high once you experience it for yourself.

6. Dandelions

If you're a fashion blogger, this theme will be a match made in heaven for you. There's a feature to show items from your look on a post and a place to display your favorite items too. It's a simple theme that brings focus to your fashion shoots.

Go the the Etsy page here.

With a price of Php 2,606.38, I honestly think it's worth it. It has a beautiful layout, and doesn't follow other blog looks that are super common these days. (Have you seen my current theme? exactly.) Stand out with this theme and focus on your images.

There you go! Six themes that'll help your blog catch those sponsored posts and brand deals (and keep your readers comfortable and relaxed when they visit). If you want me to write a post on only free themes, let me know in the comments!