Hello there!

So it's Monday, the first day of the last week for the semester. (Dum-dum-dum-duuum!) Can you believe it?! It seemed like only yesterday when I became a junior in college, and now it's over? WOW. Time flies so darn fast, huh?

I can already cross out 2 "to-do" things from my previous list, so I'm left with these:

  • Lip sync animation (Pink, or Blue?)
  • Dialogue/Monologue (Finals)

Whew! I'm thinking about posting my dance animation (with the reference of me dancing, eek!) for you to see, but I still have to gather enough courage, haha. I could lose face because of it! *Sigh. The thing is, I don't want the semester to end yet. I don't like rushing things, and the dialogue is one of them. I feel like the material I'd be passing within the given period would be mediocre. *Another Sigh. I'd have to live with it, I guess.

SO before I get all depressed, let me share with you another piece for the ADAAF exhibit, which I (again) made overnight. I call it "COSMOS".

It was originally darker, but since Cosmos could mean "life" or the "beginning of life", I figured it should at least be a little brighter with warmer tones. (All stock used are from Deviantart users.)

What do you think? I've already submitted it and I really hope it gets in! I submitted three, by the way. Any comments for my future manipulations?

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