7.5 days.

That's the amount of time left for us to accomplish four of the heaviest, most complicated challenges ever thrusted upon students. At least, in our field, I think.

Here are the major things I have to finish before October 12:

  • Dance Animation
  • Lip Sync
  • ADAAF digital painting entry
  • Dialogue (Animation Finals)

UPDATE: I'm done with the dance!!!

I got approved yesterday during class, so it was a real relief for me. I tried getting the lip sync approved on the same day as well, but it turns out I need to fix other things before it's "passable". Time is starting to get on my side. :)

Also, next week is the Final Exams week, which means more sleepless nights, crammed, over-heated brains, and - wait for it - stress. Yes, I am now preparing myself for the overnight work next week, but hopefully, I exert enough effort to finish the major ones this weekend. I don't like cramming and being too stressed out!

Seeing that in a few days, freedom of handling my time won't be mine any longer, and I won't be able to actually relax very much, I created something for the ADAAF exhibit (listed). It took me longer than usual, but it also turned out better than I expected it to. I slept at 4:20AM! Well worth the effort. It still needs revisions/editing, so I won't cross that out yet on my list.

Here's the almost finished painting I did last night/early this morning:

I posted this on DA as well, and got a tip from a fellow Deviant who is just awesome. Her art style is crazy, and she has a knack for great color combinations. Check her out here.

I'm learning so, so much with the activities I've chosen to participate in, and maybe this is just my way of finding my real "voice" in the art world. Look out, Sakimichan! I'm almost there! (Seriously though, Sakimichan is the BOMB. He is just the MASTER of digital art.)

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