Can you think back to a specific day where you had the chance to just chill and take a walk with the family at the mall or any place with other people? Do you remember how relaxing it was, and how, for a moment, all your troubles about school (or work) went away?

That happened to me two days back. I didn't originally plan on leaving the house since I still had the last 3 pages of our comic book project for Philosophy to finish, and with the style I was using, it took around 5 hours to finish one page with two panels. It was that much work, so imagine the decision I had to make when mom and li'l bro asked me to go with them to the mall. I weighed the options and... I guess I let everything loose for a while.

It was one of the great decisions I've made in terms of comfort and stress. I chose to go and chill with them, and after we ate dinner, I immediately felt like half of the stress I had had disappeared. I enjoyed the small talks we had over dinner, which got me thinking why I didn't want to go in the first place! Hahaha. Finally, before going home, I urged mom to buy us some waffles (the pancake-sized ones). I got Banana-Hazel Nut fillings while JP had French Butter fillings. Both were D-E-L-icious!

Let's just say that right now, I'm more than relieved. I've submitted the comics yesterday (which garnered numerous approvals ^__^) and today, my run animation was approved. We're on our way to starting our clay-mation for the second time and I'm still not worried about the deadline (which was moved to the 26th, hurray!). Though I'm still doubtful about the dance animation and how to start working on it, I've come to terms with the deadlines I have to make.

A summary, through photos:

Above: The new character mode we're doing. It was a real pain to snap the pliers onto the wire, and much harder to make sure the character's "skeleton" would work together without messing up the movement for animation. Listening to Cher Lloyd's "Oath" and "Want U Back"!

Below: One of the panels for our comic book! It was my first time shading and fixing the lines for a simple comic project, but I learned a lot in the process! I'm now obsessed with shading the nose perfectly as often as I can. Whenever I look at people, all I see is how the shadows hit their noses where the highlights should go. I still have a problem with the shading and the thickness in the lineart, but I had tremendous fun with this project nonetheless!

Other stuff happened that day, and while the weather wasn't the best, mom was still able to fix her small garden. Haha. If my stress reliever is music, movies, and drawing, her's is gardening and cooking. Tsk, tsk. I would never be relaxed while doing those things!

She made one of the workers of our compound make the stand (is that what you call them?) and was a little disappointed that the carpenter didn't quite get what sort of holder she wanted. It looked pretty quite though, so she settled soon enough.

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