Howdy! Hahaha. Are you ready for another awkward post? Me neither. I'll try to make this as (ehemm) less weird as possible.

Today was the day we finally moved our animation props to an apartment we rented for one week.

I didn't know what to expect to be honest, but the place was really nice. It had ample space for seven or so people and the caretaker of the apartment was really kind (he even let us borrow a fan - while we were still contemplating on where we'd get one!) and thoughtful.

So we got around to bringing the materials at around 5:30pm and had a "serious" enough talk with my other group mates. We agreed to re-do the characters and the set, and we'll start the official shoot tomorrow after lunch.

Afterwards, we went back to school, met up with a few friends and ate out, to ease the stress and what-not's.

So we ate at Bigg's, after a few weeks of always eating at McDonald's or other fast-food chains. It was a relief, regardless of the long (slow) line at the counter and the exceedingly crowded sidewalks. Yes, we walked our way to the resto, since it's a Fiesta here in Naga, with a large mass before the Pe├▒afrancia Festival on Sept 19-22. It was my first time to walk in a crowd so large and so busy, so I remained quiet the entire time we walked (which was highly unusual for me). I regained my composure when we reached the restaurant.

I ate my all-time favorite dish from the place, which was Italian Spaghetti with chicken and Pizza Bread. I ordered a Ripe Mango shake, to relieve me of the heat. :)

I've always loved Pasta (and chicken and pizza, teehee), but eating with friends made it taste even better. I miss going out with buddies just for fun or just to hang out. It's something I rarely get to do with all the projects we have right now. Money spent was time spent well too.

It's great to actually relax for even a few hours with friends, and it made me forget (somehow) the stack of requirements I have to get racing through. Right now though, I have to get on with them if I want to make it to the deadline! I actually plan on not sleeping tonight to finish everything. *Sigh. Should I do that or just go to sleep early then wake up early tomorrow?

It's a big day and a fresh start for our clay-mation group tomorrow. I have high hopes for us, and I don't want to mess up or give up now. There's too much at stake. The best thing I need to do is to just focus and bring up everything to God. :) After all, He controls everything.
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