Yo! How's everything been so far? Good? The weather? Fine? Good!

Well, enough of that. What is this - an interrogation? Haha. Hello again! Today was CRAZY. Really, really crazy. You see, the Alternative Class Program in Ateneo was a BLAST - well, star-studded, at least.

Some of the speakers were Atom Araullo, Ces Drilon, Ramon Bautista, and Erick Salud. YES. It was all too real. I even missed the chance to take photos of Ces and RB even though I practically said hi (and they said 'hi' back) while we were at the President's Office this afternoon! I think we got too starstruck and forgot we had a camera! >__< What a dumbo, right?

I attended Mr. Erick Salud's topic, generally titled as "I feature reality with my bare hands, I defy the sense of dependency" (I have no idea why they decided give long titles for each topic). Aaannnddd... here I am with him:

I knooowwww! I look stupid, and ugly, and really haggard and everything, but I'm not letting that get in the way of having a picture taken with such an amazingly talented person! I literally thought that I wouldn't get to take a picture with him since he immediately went out of the hall after his talk, but I had to get a picture with him so I rushed out (even while the emcee was speaking, oops) and saw him sitting by the front of the door - alone and not really busy. So, I asked a nearby student to snap the photo and shazzaamm!

Anyway, here are some of the photos I took while the seminar/discussion was going on.

So, this girl above was our Emcee, but she seemed pretty tense and all (which was forgiveable) with her being a sophomore and an Engineering student, younger than most of the attendees of the seminar. She was a pretty fun emcee anyway though.

I really enjoyed the way he related his experiences and gave us tips with our own animation/shooting project. We got really inspired so... we are officially doing it all over again, from the top. But that'll be for another blog post.

Mr. Salud talked about how he first began as a little kid to love local films and how he entered into film through Cinemalaya. He told us the perks and the sacrifices he had to make jsut to get where he is now, and that was a long discussion on its own! :) He seemed like a true individual who, like most of us, enjoy films and have a dream to create something unique. It was a great experience and I would've given time to talk to him more of only his schedule wasn't fixed and limited.

What made this event extra fun was the fact that my friends were with me! :)

From left: Bem and HM. Awkward! Hahaha. Precious girls, these two.

A fewminutes later, I found myself at Xavier Hall, where almost a fourth of the whole student body were present to browse and visit the different booths for the ACP fair. It was crowded and really hot (while it rained!) so I just shot the action from above.

Yeah. I'd probably be among them if I weren't awkward around big crowds. ^___^ I saw a few friends who were visiting the booths but I didn't call their attention. Let them have their day. Besides, it's tiresome to see the same face every single day right? *Sigh.

So about the animation project - we are definitely a GO to start over. We've talked to our group mates and they've confirmed their approval. I just hope we do things properly this time and without wasted time and effort. I just remembered I've been placed in charge of the sound/audio tracks. Dum-dum-dum-duuuum.

How was your day like?
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