Hi! I'm feeling really good this morning, and that's mostly because it's already our school break - and because I FRIGGIN' PASSED OUR ANIMATION 2 CLASS! (Ehemm.) I've been feeling hyper ever since I found out all my hard work paid off, and I can't tell you how AWESOME it feels to be able to breathe and be assured that I'm still on the charts.

Here's the video I submitted for our finals. It's not perfect, and the dialogue wasn't really thought out very well, but darnit, I passed! ^__^

I hope I could say that for my other classmates as well. You see, not all of us made the mark. A lot actually failed, and I feel a little rotten about not having to share the victory with all my friends. They tried their best, and props to them for that. I have no idea how our professor graded our Finals, but wow, his standards must be really high. Not all those who failed weren't skilled enough - some were just not able to pass on time. THAT's the hard part.

Well, now that I've said what I needed to say about that matter, let's move on to something more recent. :)

Yesterday, I realized that my desktop was officially dying. Yes, everything I didn't want to happen to it happened, just when I needed to use it the most.

So I turned it on upon waking up at around 8am, and got "Boot System Error" and "Disk Read Error" warnings, which was surprising since it was running perfectly the night before. This had happened already, so I didn't immediately panic. I know a little something about fixing these things, and I went on to the repair area for the command prompt. Well, after a hundred tries and a grumbling stomach, I decided to give it a break and have breakfast.

The other time this happened, an hour break usually was enough to get it started again, but this time however, it was literally dead. It wouldn't go past the boot error screen, and no matter how many times I went to the BIOS and tweaked a few things, it was still not responding properly.

So I texted certain people and posted a status on Facebook asking for help and got a reply from an uncle of mine. A few replies later, I had my hands on a new Windows 7 installer and ready to fix the PC (with knowledge that it might have to be reformatted :( ). Sadly (and thankfully, I guess?) I encountered another problem during installation - "no disk drives were found". Wow. I then decided to take it to the place where I bought it around 6 months ago. My mom and I waited a while and were told that the CPU had to be "confined" to diagnose the problem. *Sigh. So, right now, I am using my beloved Vaio. I missed this though. :)

Another thing that have my hands occupied this sem-break is the Midyear Conference of all the Ateneo Universities on the country, which will be on the 22nd to the 24th of October. With only a few days of preparation, the whole team are rushing to get everything done. I was assigned to create a teaser poster and a Toblerone (or nameplate of the important attendees) for the event, and had only a few hours to do it. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post it up here, but you're not going to steal it anyway, right?

Hahaha, but it's not like it's that awesome to be stolen. Anyway, I'm not really sure about the Toblerone design, so until I'm okay with it, I won't be posting it up.

Today is going to be a pretty busy one for me, since a classmate asked for my help in creating a 3D model/character for their one-week project (to make up for their failure in Animation 2). I'm pretty excited since I get to work on my modelling skills while helping a friend at the same time. :) Oh, and one of the team members for the conference suggested I include the Supreme Student Government (SSG) logo and change the mascot to a knight, since that's our University's official icon.

Will update again soon!
Have an awesome day!
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