How EXHAUSTING. Yes, exhausting. I even have a fever right now! I wasn't expecting an expo to be so tiring (since all we had to do was sit for hours and listen to the speaker) but wow! The effects it had on me were crazy!

So to tell you what the Google BYTE Expo is, it's where people from Google Philippines opened its doors to students and professionals around the region to show the different features of Google apps for Education. There were things I already knew from clicking here and there on the Google search page, but there were also other features I didn't know existed.

One such feature is Google search's ability to search for recipes depending on whatever filter you choose. For example, you can choose a meal that can be prepared within 5 minutes, or choose a meal which has the ingredients you searched for. I used to search the web for sites to give me these filters, but with Google search engine, you can do it within minutes, without having to go to websites.

A summary of the event, in photos:

According to the program, the event was supposed to start at around 8:30am, but when we arrived at the venue at 8:15, this line was only beginning. Of course, I expected it to be late (as usual) since we Filipino's seem to lack punctuality, but wow. even as we fell in line, buses among buses of delegates kept arriving, which made me wonder how long we were supposed to stay under the sun. I think it was around 9am or so when we finally got in.

Our event hosts, Renzo Blanco and Raffy Magno.

Just when we were nearing the end of the program, the power suddenly went out. Geez. I can't say it was the worst time for it to happen, but it could have chosen an earlier moment in the day. I felt really bad for the speaker though.
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