Wow, I am so happy to be back after weeks of absence due to high fever and *sigh* a lot of other things. Today is the day I'm finally getting back on track. Once my right foot gets better (err, don't ask why), I'm officially back to being active here and everywhere!

So today, I got around to cleaning my work/study area - from the desk, the drawers, the shelves, down to the boxes. It was a productive day, and after much thought, I figured I'd clean my laptop and jazz up my keyboard as well.

After a few minutes on Photoshop and a staggering 45 minutes cutting them all out, here's how my keyboard looks:

Woohoo! Finally, no more plainness! Haha. I wanted to do all of them, but I'm not sure if I'll like how it turns out. Since I'm satisfied with partially covered keys, these are all I'll be doing. In case you're wondering, I used sticker paper for the decoration.

Speaking of productivity...

A few days are left for the semestral break (we start school on November 4!) and I'm panicking. I don't think I'm ready to go back to school just yet. I didn't even get to enjoy the short break since I got sick! Can't they postpone classes for another week? *Sigh*.

It's not like I'm not fond of my subjects this semester. Mentally, I'm not ready yet to go back to pressure and stress and deadlines. T___T Not yet ready. Oh well. This is life.

Good to be back!
Have a great evening!
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