Part of the reason I became a designer was because I've always been interested in Interior Design. There's something about arranging a space to give a certain vibe or feel when you walk into the room through furniture, color themes, and little details that tie them all together.

I set out to create a simulation of how I would like my future pad to look like. (I made this a few months ago so I'll definitely be updating my preferences soon!) 

Just to note, a lot of these items were modeled based on actual Ikea furniture, so I'll link prices and products below for reference.

The Bedroom & Study Areas

As you can tell, my color scheme is a very stark black and white mixed with soft browns and greens. I've always wanted a statement accent wall hence the black paint and large mounted photo by the bed. 

I originally thought of placing the dresser in front of the window but decided it was too much for my eyes (wow, talagang in-imagine, no?). So, I placed it by the door of the bathroom and added sconces on either side of the mirror so I still get the lighting I needed. Paired it with a simple white chair from Ingolf ($49).

It was also important for me to have the clock visible when using the vanity, a small Senegalese basket ($68) to chuck in any cloth items, a well-sized table mirror by Karmsund ($49.99), and a white dressing table by Tyssedal ($249) to keep the area looking fresh and clean. 
Turning towards the bed area, you'll immediately be drawn to the beautiful Luppjung Ruta rug ($79), which actually inspired the whole look of the room. I love Nordic design, Hygge, and just simple but modern interiors. Clean lines really speak to me. 

A beautiful Bamboo Pendant light ($69.99) hangs over the Delaktig bed ($599) to bring in some nature into the room to complement the oak side drawers ($49.99).

Right across the bed is a Kallax shelf ($149) for books, candles, a TV, plants, and more. Storage is one thing that I can never get too much of, and I have a lot of items to store. I also added Nordli 6-drawer dresser ($229) by the window.

Moving over to the study area! I made the design really clean with lots of little storage nooks for books and small items. This area includes a comfortable black swivel chair from Torkel ($60), a clean study desk by Hemnes ($299), and a Billy bookcase ($59). You can also see a Karmsund Floor Mirror ($59.99) and an Askvoll Oak Wardrobe ($99) at the back.

The Bathroom

Ah, yes. The ultimate place of comfort. I like sectioning my bathroom between wet and dry areas. Since I love wood flooring so much, I added that to here to bring warmth to my black and white aesthetic (which has since been replaced by earth tones, haha).

I added a nice, luxurious SmartHydro bathtub ($7,300), a minimalistic rug from Morum ($29), an Ottava pendant lamp ($99), a heated towel rail ($80), and a *hidden* STUVA 6-drawer chest ($177).

I'm SUCH a huge fan of windows and natural lighting. A big mirror is also a necessity in a bathroom (at least, for me) so I added in a custom sized black one ($65). 

Also, for no apparent reason, I put in a Godmorgon sink cabinet ($499) for two people (God knows why I was expecting someone else to use the bathroom with me!). There's also another Senegalese basket at the side and another Billy bookshelf. Relatively simple, but very clean and spacious.

Reflected on the mirror are a Hemnes high cabinet ($149) and a duo of a washing machine ($500) and a dryer ($520) packed on top of each other. (I don't know how safe this is but I like that it saves space!)

The Kitchen

Aside from black and white, I am also kind of obsessed with the Tiffany-blue, sunshine-yellow pairing. I wanted the kitchen to be really fun and bright as I don't cook (without a recipe) and need the extra motivation to get in there and whip something up.

After giving the walls a yellow splash of color, I went ahead and added a white chandelier ($100), a custom dining set, a Surya Moroccan Shag rug ($430), a lovely Tiffany-blue, side-by-side Bosch refrigerator ($3,000), a Hickory buffet ($10,800), and more Billy shelvings ($214).

Now this is where the magic happens, haha! Kidding aside, I wanted a spacious, functional cooking area, so if you look at the left side of the photo, there's a small, wheel-able island for me to place anything I need to when cooking. There's also plenty of storage space in the upper Sektion cabinets and everywhere else an opening is present. Wall sconces were essential as well.

So there you have it! I'll be updating my designs in the coming weeks so stay tuned for part 2 of the "Designing My Future Pad" series!