A great space always sets the mood for whatever intent you may have, and having it feel a certain way especially lends to that purpose. If you're friends with me on Facebook or Instagram, you'll notice that I usually post interiors I love in my stories. To scale that up, I decided to make another post on interiors I love. 

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I will be featuring Instagram finds in this article. :)

1. Magdalena's Haven (@domnamazowszu)

classy amazing interior

This theme is to die for and I'm only seeing a few parts of the house. I've always loved wooden flooring, that boho vibe, lots of greens and peaches, and that tiled bathtub? Ugh. Aesthetic! (Just need to remove the plants inside and place them somewhere else and we're good.)

I especially fancy the outdoor seating area. It looks like a place I can do some relaxation with music, drawing or reading stuff, and having a nice picnic with my family. 

2. Nicki's Urban Jungle (@cottoncandystories)

Similar to the first one, what caught my eye were the colors and how amazing they looked against one another. I typically prefer light-colored wood but in this case, a darker tone really worked to bring everything around and make the design look extra earthy and cozy. (Her cute cat stole the show, though!)
What's most striking is her eye for accessorizing and details. The small touches add so much flavor and personality to every room.

3. Ashley's Hygge Home (@arrowsandbow)

They hygge aesthetic has become one of my influences recently, and there's a good reason why. Hygge is a defining characteristic in Danish culture and means "a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being" or in short, enjoying one's life's simple pleasures.
What I especially love about Ashley's home is her use of rugs and the mix of light and dark browns against the white marble pieces. It looks modern yet has that sense of nature that I love in homes. It feels lived in (which is always a good indication of a home being great for families). 
Especially gushing over the kitchen layout!

4. Kirsten's Cozy Pad (@kaginteriorogkunst)

Talk about GOALS! When I first saw these photos, I thought they came straight from a magazine and that they were just staged for professional photos. 
Well, turns out it's actually someone's home and I'm living for it! Every angle you look, everything's spot on. (She has more photos on her Instagram profile.)
I love how she staged the lights and draped her curtains, and that DIY lamp in the bedroom added a cute DIY feel to such an elegant design. I also love the decked out window seat that screams comfort and would most definitely be my favorite place in the house - especially on a snowy day.

5. Collectivco's Curated Pieces (@collectivco)

The color combination was the first thing that caught my eye. Lovely warm tones with some cool toned decor to break the beautiful color wash really worked to make the spaces pleasant and cozy. 
If you look a little closer, you'll see the finer details that make this design aesthetic special, from those lovely lamps over the bed to the fantastic couch in the living room. The house looks light and airy and would be perfect any time of the day.

I think by now, it's pretty obvious that I lean more towards warm to neutral tones when it comes to interior designs. The stark white walls complement the incredible pieces of furniture and the color combos these amazing designers come up with.
This will probably be my new palette for everything from now on!

What is your favorite interior design aesthetic?