Hello, August!

Though the world may be in the pits, we'll always try to look for the good in everything and everyone. Humanity deserves that at least, right?

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We're nearing the end of the third quarter of 2020 and it seems like I never really experienced this year unfold - not that nothing happened. In fact, I've had a lot of busy days since the lockdown began... but things are about to get crazier. Oh yes. The last months of 2020 will see major progress (claiming this already!) and I'm all for it.


• Attend the first ever virtual ICON Manila Conference! (Already bought tickets and pumped to get inspired by some of my favorite artists (they have an amazing lineup this year, guys)!
•• Register and know more about it here.

• Participate in this years UX Plus Conference (Virtual). More guests than last year and swag will turn digital.
•• Find out more through this link.


• Resume the podcast. This one's a little trickier to do and requires lots of preparation, but I do eventually want to to continue posting episodes.

• Grow my Youtube channel. I've been putting it off since I didn't know what content to make, but with my new setup and newfound motivation, I'm hoping to be more active on the platform (new videos on the way too).

• Create more resources for my email list.

The list may be short, but the energy I'll have to exert to make my plans happen will be huge. Add to that a full-time job and my hands are full. I'm not complaining though. A challenge is always motivating. 

Aaaaand we're done! (Shortest blog ever?!) Haha.

I hope you enjoy August as much as you're able and never forget that even in the midst of tumultuous times, there are blessings to come. Hang in there. :)

Ciao, bellas!